11 Tips to Maintain Mental Peace During Lockdown


As we know Corona reached on its climax and due to Corona, we all have to follow the government’s rules. The main rule of government is to stay home means full lockdown of public places and lockdown is increasing day by day. Now people feel bored sitting at home. There are some tips to maintain mental Peace during the Lockdown.

Stay connected with friends and relatives

In Lockdown, we are not able to meet any of our friends and relative. But one thing which can make our friends and relatives close to us is social media. Keep connecting with your loved ones. The study of Harvard Study of Adult recommended that people who engage in their families and maintain positive relations can produce oxytocin which boosts our immune system and make it strong and protects us from mental diseases. Try to speak with at least one person daily who uplifts you, inspires you, and motivates you on call and video call. You can play online games to take your mind to another side. You can also share views among the public to stay healthy. Every day, when you wake up in the morning, try to think about those people whom you can call today and take tips. Helping others is also a great way to boost your mental ability. You can also donate food items, blood, toys, stationery, etc. which gives Peace to your mind.

Stay connected with friends and relatives - daily bees

Do meditation

Meditation is the best way to boost up our mental power. Sit at a quiet place on cushion & inhale deeply, hold for 1min and recite God’s name then exhale it. Repeat it for at least 15 times a day. Many meditation guides recommended that meditation is the best way to increase your will power.

Do meditation - daily bees

Develop a new routine at home

In Lockdown, mostly people follow the routine of Eat, Sleep, and Repeat. Besides this, including exercise and yoga in your routine, it boosts your mental ability. Read books, search something new on social media. Learn another language. You can take online classes to learn something new. Habits are a great guide to change you. Convert your bad habits in Good habits. Find the bad habits that irritate you and your loved ones; try to change that with meditation.

Take a break from technology

During Lockdown, give your time to your family. Sit with your elders and take knowledge from them about religion; you can also listen to the holy writings of our ancestors. Sit with your fellows, discuss some points with them. Share your childhood memories with them. Play your childhood games with your children, spend time with them also. Teach them something and learn something from them. Help your wife in their daily choruses.

Connect with nature

Spend time in your garden. Mindfully observe your surroundings; any tree, flowers, or birds. Click your different pictures with nature and share it on social media with nature saving messages. Many types of research recommended spending time in nature as it is a boon to your mental and physical ability and many multiple studies recommended the time spent in blue and green space reduces depression. Environmental research proved people who spend more time in forest bathing had reduced risk for chronic health issues.

Move your body

Include exercise in your routine. The government of the UK recommended that every person have to do exercise for 2.5 hours which makes the body fit and fine. Do the gym at home, play games with your families as it will refresh your mind. Also, music and dance will benefit you. Exercising regularly pumps your heart properly and makes your muscles strong.

Move your body with yoga and exercise - daily bees

Be kind to yourself

Sometimes we become very harsh with ourselves. Be polite and find the child in your inner corners of the heart. We all have a talent inside us; try to find your talent, do hard work, and make India proud of you. Learning helps us to be curious and boosts our self-confidence. So try to learn something new, fulfill your dreams, whatever you saw in the past and you feel to fulfill it one day. Time has come now; it’s time to learn something new.

Take a sound sleep

The night of good sleep is for great mental health. Good sleep reduces the risk of health ailments like diabetes, obesity, and heart disease. So grab your pillow and blanket and take a good sleep during the lockdown.

Declutter your home

Working on your home is the best way to get rid of unwanted thoughts of your mind. It is the best opportunity to clean and declutter your home. Studies say that cleaning not only offers a sense of control but also offers respite from traumatic stress to mind, body & soul.

Reflecting and finding resilience

Birds are the most beautiful creation of God on this Earth. Enjoying bird song makes you tension free. Sir Anthony believes there is a need to “be grateful and reflect”. Those who have a home garden can do this and those who don’t have can shut themselves in a silent room.

Embracing Emotions

Life in lockdown will trigger many Emotions; it’s better to cry sometimes. Lockdown is full of emotional ups and downs so recall your friends and memories which you spend with them and cry.

My Suggestion: Spend time with your family, watch TV, play indoor games, sit with elders. In this way, you can spend time in lockdown. If you are a baby boy or a girl, learn art & craft and also learn How to play guitar, learn How to play sports, help your mother in domestic choruses, learn dance and singing, learn How to play musical instruments, search about your favorite role models and follow them.  Spend time with your grandparents; listen to the story of Holy Ramayana and Geeta. It will teach you the real meaning of life. Spend time with your father and learn How your father spends time in earning money and feel How much they do to give you  a good life. These are some ways to spend time in lockdown for children.

So these are some tips by which you will get mental peace during the lockdown.
Stay at home!! Stay healthy!! Keep Smiling!!

Writing Credits: Diksha Bhardwaj