What Is Good And Bad Bounce Rate? How Much It Should Be?


What is the bounce rate of a website? How to better a blog’s average bounce rate. What’s the good, bad and the average bounce rate? Here we are sharing this with you. If you want to know in detail about bounce rate then you will get all answers related to bounce rate.

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To check the audience overview on our website, We use tools like Google Analytics. It gives us the information about the website traffic performance like users, Page Views, Sessions, Bounce Rate and Duration time, etc. Bounce rate means, how much time spent by the visitor on the website or how much page read by the visitor.

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Before knowing about good and bad bounce rate, we should know what is bounce rate? If you have any website or blog, then you definitely know about the website ranking, Alexa ranking, page rank, daily page views, search engine optimization and many more terms. You will be checking the ranking of your blogs and other’s blog. So you would be seeing Bounce Rate on Alexa. Now, will discuss Bounce rate, how it is important for a website and how can reduce it.

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The internet is like a sea and we meet many unknown people here or visit their websites and blogs. But there are a few people from many unknown people we visit for information. If we like any site, then to subscribe that site, we also want to become a fan of the website’s owner of Social Media. How much we like a website and time spent on that site is known as Bounce Rate.

What Is Bounce Rate?

Bounce Rate is the percentage of a single-page session that means a visitor how much time spend on our website, how many pages are read across the web. Bounce rate is the average percentage of this. If your website has high bounce rate then it means visitors have no interest in your website. The bounce rate of the website is as good as low. So let us understand what is the reason behind high bounce rate on your website? And why a visitor does not open the second page after first.

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You can improve Bounce rate after knowing it. There are many reasons for high bounce rate.

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Reasons for High Bounce Rate

There are many reasons behind high bounce rate because of that a visitor does not crawl the second page after first. Let me tell you some reasons of High Bounce Rate.

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1. Single Page site: Single page site means you don’t add another page’s link on first. Because of this, there is very less hope, visitors could go to another page of your site.

2. Incorrect Implementation: It means that you did wrong work or share wrong information on your blog or website. So, the visitor leaves your site immediately. Wrong work means information theft from the internet or any other website.

3. Site Design: Design may also become a reason of a High Bounce rate. Because visitor always sees the design of site before reading the blog. If a visitor could not like your Website Design, then he can leave your page.

4. Site Speed: Nobody likes the slow speed website. Assume any visitor reading a post on site and after reading the post, he goes to another page, then he can leave if a site takes time to open.

5. User behavior: User Behavior is the biggest reason for High Bounce rate of a site. It means, how much people like your website.

6. Low Quality Content: Content is most important for any site. If the visitor doesn’t get the required information then bounce rate could be high.

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