Tiger Zinda Hai Movie Review


“Sare Jahan se acha…Tiger sent this song in different languages Kyuki wo zinda hai”

We are talking about the hero of the ongoing movie and it’s most fascinating dialogue- Tiger Zinda Hai!

tiger zinda hai still daily bees

The duo of Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif has rocked the movie. In previous movies, I didn’t like the Kat’s acting much but she has totally blown minds in this movie with her superb acting skills. The role was justified.


In the starting of the movie, you get a feel of a very high profile movie in which very serious discussions are going on. It just make you more curious about the entry of Salman in the movie and believe me, you will hoot yourself on his entry. The direction is superb. You will get the feel of action movie right at the beginning.

Salman’s Entry

The hero’s entry is awesome most of the time in bollywood but this one you will never forget. A thought might come that this has to be the best scene of the movie. What can be more awesome?

But then comes…..

The Story

The story has so many twists and turns. There is a solid entry of Katrina in the movie in a scene where the audience just couldn’t resist appreciating. With a new twist at every moment, the interest in the story does not fade.

Good for Non-action Movie Lovers too

It is an action movie overall. But you never feel that. The violence in the movie seems to be good because of the intentions. There are emotional scenes too which you will love a lot. It is not a perfect movie where heroes never get into trouble but is a mixture of their winnings, difficult times, and romance of the lead casts.

Romantic Songs

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When the song gets played- ‘Dil diyan gallan’, the aura turns romantic. The timing is also good. It gives you a soothing feeling and you just love it more.

Sizzling Katrina

katrina in tiger zinda hai daily bees

Katrina’s role is unexplainable. She is marvelous in her role and has given amazing expressions. You will love her role a lot. Full of bravery, what this spy has done in movie is beyond words.


A unity between nations has been shown in the movie which is the highlight of the movie. Which nations I am talking about, I will not reveal here. It is the best part and concept about the movie. Moreover, it has been depicted in the movie that it is inspired by true events.


Ending is so beautiful that you will be happy and emotional at the same time. You will just love the style and love of Tiger and Zoya..

About the ratings, I will give 4/5. **