7 Indian Women in BBC Most Influential Women’s List 2019


Congratulations to all the 100 women who are listed in 100 women; inspiring and most influential women in the world in 2019. The list was announced on 16th October 2019 by BBC. These are the women who contributed to make society a better place to live. The event of the 100 women has been organized at Delhi in India on 22 October 2019.
So who’s on the list? Well! There are well deserved 7 Indian Women in the list!

These 7 women out of 100 most influential women in the world are from India. Their life story is an inspiration for all of us.

The Iron Lady of Kashmir – Parveena Ahanger

The Iron Lady of Kashmir Parveena Ahanger Daily Bees

Parveena Ahanger is one amongst the most influential women in the world 2019. She is the CEO of APDP (Association of parents of disappeared persons).

Her son was disappeared in violence in Jammu and Kashmir. She protested for her son and other people who disappeared in the violence. She won the Rafto prize in 2017 and also nominated for Nobel peace award in 2005.

The Brown Girl – Aranya Johar

The Brown Girl Aranya Johar Daily Bees

We all have seen her video “The brown girl’s guide to gender”. This video was a viral sensation and hit 1 million views in just 2 days after upload. She is also one of the 10 must follow women on social media list. She is a full time poet and praised by many organizations and now in 100 women list.

India’s Space Woman – Dr. Susmita Mohanty

India’s Space Woman Dr. Susmita Mohanty Daily Bees

Susmita Mohanty is a spaceship designer and space entrepreneur. She is a passionate climate action advocate.

Mohanty is a CEO of EARTH2ORBIT which is India’s first private start up. Before starting this startup, Mohanty worked for international space Station program in California.

Feminist – Subhalakshmi Nandi

Feminist Subhalakshmi Nandi Daily Bees

Subhalakshmi is a Deputy Regional Director at ICRW (International Centre for Research on Women) at Asia centre.

Subhalakshmi has spent 15 years of her life for improving gender equality in Asia. Her Posts has been published in journals and books internationally on issue of women (especially on women farmers, women education, gender based violence, women rights etc).

Yogini – Natasha Noel

Feminist Subhalakshmi Nandi Daily Bees

Natasha is a yoga expert.

Her life is full of struggle and she has seen ups and down in an early age. She was 3 years old when her mother committed suicide in front of her. She was sexually abused at the age of 7 & was molested by many of her relatives till the age 15. She started smoking. She got a serious knee injury at the age of 17. But she never gave up. She started Dancing and Yoga. Now she is a Yogini (yoga expert) and in 100 women list.

Environmentalist – Vandana Shiva

Environmentalist Vandana Shiva Daily Bees

Vandana Shiva is an environmentalist. She is the board member of international forum on globalization.

Shiva was the part of a historical movement named Chipko Andolan (The Tree Hug Movement in 1970s). She is one of the tree huggers. She received an award of “Environmental Hero” by Times in 2003. After Bhopal gas disaster she started work to promote biodiversity in agriculture. She received many awards like Right livelihood award in 1993, Sydney peace prize 2010, Fukuoka Asian culture prize 2013, Midori award 2016.

Asexuality Researcher – Dr. Pragati Singh

Asexuality Researcher Dr. Pragati Singh Daily Bees

Dr. Pragati Singh is founder of Indian Aces (A non funded community for Asexuals)

Asexuals are the people who don’t feel the attraction towards sexual activities. She was doing survey on asexuality so that she can launch a matrimonial website for these kinds of people (Asexual). She wants to prevent and give a solution for marital rape. She time to time conducts workshops for asexual people. Because of this unique thought she secured her position in 100 women list.