International Day of Innocent Children Victims of Aggression


Children are the cute buds of our society. They have the most innocent hearts. But any stain on their childhood makes a vast impact on their lives and on country’s future too. Because children are the foundation of every country’s future.

The United Nation announced 4th June as International Day of Innocent Children Victims of Aggression and the day is observed since 1982. The main purpose behind this is to help the children who are going through any mental, physical or emotional abuse. The day was dedicated, by the UN committee, to protection of rights of children and acknowledgement of their pain.

Organizations Supporting Children

There are many organizations which have come ahead to help these children. Here we are sharing a few.

UNICEF – The United Nations Children’s Fund

unicef Daily Bees

It is a well known organization which works for the welfare of children. It is a United Nation program and its headquarter is in New York. The organization works in developing countries and provides assistance to children and mothers. UNICEF is working to improve health, nutrition, education and general welfare of children. And for its marvelous work, UNICEF was awarded with the Nobel Prize for Peace in 1965.

DCI – Defense for Children International

Defense for Children International Daily Bees

It is a leading child rights movement formed to protect children’s rights on a global, national, regional and local level. Defense for Children International is a non-governmental organization which is working in this regard for more than 35 years.


plan international Daily Bees

It is a humanitarian and an independent development organization that has been working for years towards improving health and care of children especially girls. Plan international works in 71 countries across the world, including Africa, America and Asia. It works for the equality of girls too along with protecting the rights of children. They try to secure the children’s rights from birth until they reach adulthood.

Child Fund

Child Fund International Daily Bees

It is a global child development and protection organization. It represents the voice of excluded, deprived and vulnerable children. It assists millions of children and work in 63 countries worldwide. Its headquarter is in the U.S. The people at Childfund aim to help children by strengthening relationship among parents, children, community, teacher, school, government and others.

Say Yes to EducationSay Yes to Education Daily Bees

It is a non-profit agency which assists the children in every possible way by giving every public high school graduate access to college or other post-secondary scholarships. The community works to polish the brilliancy of each child and espouses in the development of children.

Dera Sacha SaudaDera Sacha Sauda Daily Bees

It is a socio-spiritual and a non-profit organization working for the welfare of society since 1948. It provide education, food, toys to poor children and so much more. DSS adopts the orphan children and makes arrangements for their education, living and other necessities too. It works worldwide, while the headquarter is in Haryana, India.

KidsRights Foundation

KidsRights Foundation Daily Bees

It is an international children’s aid and advocacy organization based in Amsterdam. KidsRights mission is to empower and support vulnerable children around the world. The foundation was honored with the award of ‘International Children’s Peace Prize’.

All these organizations are a venerable voice of vulnerable children. They all are a great support to them and inspiring us to help such children whenever possible. Because a small effort can make a big change.