World Nature Conservation Day 2020: Need To Conserve It and Things We Can Do To Conserve Our Nature


When we encounter the word ‘nature’, the first image that we see is tall trees and green plants. But don’t you think nature is something much more than that. It is more beautiful and prettier than a normal man working ’round the clock can imagine.

From the white glistening snow to the waves roaring in the vast ocean, from the sky hanging its colors to the silvery moon and twinkling stars, Nature keeps us providing the
things of beauty. It keeps you refreshed by the soothing fragrance, the dewdrops on the tips of leaves to the floating clouds, and a spider weaving its web to catch the prey.

Every year , 28th of July is celebrated as World Nature Conservation Day to make masses realize about the importance of conservation of natural resources. With the fast advancement in technology, natural resources are depleting at an alarming rate. There is a need to realize our responsibilities towards the planet.

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world nature conservation day poster - Daily Bees Human life revolves around natural resources

  • We human beings are born from nature and planet earth is our natural home. Our relationship with nature is very complex.
  • We use natural resources for our benefits without caring that other species are also dependent on them.
  • From our food and water to our shelters and homes, we derive everything from nature.
  • The raw materials used in our daily requirements are all extracted from natural resources directly or indirectly.
  • Nature is what provides us oxygen to breathe, water to drink and food to eat.
  • Nature teaches man the lesson of peace and innocence. It tells us the importance of purity and simplicity.
  • We always find inner calm when we come close to nature – The calm that we get in mother’s lap.
  • Moreover one heals faster when he comes closer to nature.Nature conservation methods

Need for conservation of nature

With the impact of development and urbanization, natural resources are being depleted very fast. The growing number of population on the planet and how we utilize resources is
going to determine the future of nature.

Trees and forests are being cut to meet the demands of the growing population. Water resources are being damaged by pollution and garbage. The soil is losing its minerals and
being converted into barren lands. Air is being filled with smoke and pollutants. Various plants and animal species are being critically endangered. The whole ecosystem is disturbed. Global warming, climate change are serious issues to be tackled with. Planet Earth is suffering from serious ailments.

Natural resources can be classified broadly into two categories

Renewable resources

Renewable Resources are the resources which are easily replaced or reproduced. They are constantly available. Examples are like fruits, vegetables, plants, etc.

Nonrenewable resources

Non-Renewable Resources are the resources that get depleted when used and can not be reproduced like fossil fuels. These resources form at a very slow speed or do not form naturally again.

If this continues the day is near, when nothing will be left for our future generations.

What can we do to conserve nature?

Though we all adore nature for its beauty, that is simply not enough. If we love nature, we all must do our best, together to conserve all the resources we get from nature. Here are some of the methods that we as individuals should employ for the conservation of nature.


Creating awareness among people through programs and campaigns is one of the best methods to conserve nature.

Being grateful towards nature and conserving it should be the spirit everyone must-have.

The three Rs- Reduce, Re-Use, Recycle


• Overutilization of natural resources should be prevented.
• We must reduce the overuse and overproduction of articles.
• Use of bio-friendly materials should be enhanced and propagated.
• There must be a sustainable use of resources in which there should be minimal wastage.
• The use of plastic wrappers and plastic items in conventional stores should be reduced.
• Try to minimize the use of cars for shorter distance.
• Reducing your consumption levels is important to save the planet.

Nature conservation dayReuse

• Buy in stores that provide second-hand goods like phones, electronic gadgets, etc.
• Reuse wrappings on articles.
• Use older stuff to make decoration and crafts
• Offer your old stuff on online markets
• You can donate old things on internet platforms for free
• Give away your old items to family and friends
• Newspapers can be used in various processes
• Use waste paper to take notes
• Encourage home decoration with crafts from old items
• Donate CDs, DVDs and books
• Donate clothes
• Buy rechargeable batteries


• Separate your waste into wet and dry and degradable and non-degradable
• Ensure waste recycling and use again if possible.
• Buy recyclable products from stores. Buy from firms and shops that support the recycling of products.
• Do not buy or use products containing toxic substances
• Be aware of a variety of materials based on their harm to nature.
• Avoid buying items with plastic wrapping
• Recycle batteries and electronic items
• Recycle inc cartridges
• Use printing paper made of recycled paper
• Use toilet paper made of recycled items and materials
• In short, try to buy products made of recycled items

Governing authorities must take strict steps

If the strict laws and regulations are implicated by the government, we can achieve success in conserving nature and to make natural resources available for our future generations.
Here are some steps the Government must take. While some states have taken some steps, but some still lag.

• Hunting of wild animals must be stopped for the preservation of wildlife
• Rain water harvesting systems should be installed.
• Deforestation should be controlled.
• Acts should be made to control vehicle pollution
• Encouragement of bio-friendly techniques and methods
• Development of eco-friendly machinery and equipment to be used in various fields.


We all owe our contributions towards Mother Nature. Hence, we all must step together for conservation of nature.

Writing Credits – Lovepreet Arora