National Parents’ Day 2020: Why Should It Be Celebrated? Various Ways To Make It Memorable


”If a mother’s love is deeper than the ocean, a father’s love is higher than the mountains”.

Parents day is celebrated on the fourth week of July every year. This year i,t is going to be held on 26th July. This day is celebrated to mark the countless sacrifices made by parents to raise the children and is an opportunity to express gratitude towards them.

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How are Parents Important in Life?

  • Parents give us birth and make us see this beautiful world. From the second we come to living, they provide us constant support.
  • A child when born does not even know how to express. Parents with proper care and love help him grow, stand, and walk.
  • They are the hardest pillars of support, guidance, and care.
  • While a mother makes us eat and sleep, a father holds us to show us the world. They work from dawn to dusk for us.
  • Once we enter their life, they prioritize our needs and wishes while sacrificing theirs. They spend sleepless nights in caring and looking for us.
  • A mother sometimes sleeps on wet beds to make the dry available for us. A father goes from heaven to hell to fulfill our wishes. A good father is a source of inspiration and strength. A good mother is the root of humbleness and kindness.
  • Parental love is the only love on the earth that is truly unconditional, selfless and forgiving.
  • Parents are like the hidden root of the tree that constantly supports and nourishes it. Once the root is cut, the whole tree falls apart.
  • In Indian culture, parents are worshiped as Gods. In spite, they are thought to be visible Gods on Earth who fulfill their child’s needs and show him the right path. A mother’s feet are considered to be heaven on earth. 

Why should parents’ day be celebrated?

Parents’ day is celebrated to honor parents for their unconditional love and sacrifice. Parents live for us. They feel happy when we are smiling and their heart breaks harder when we cry.

Unfortunately, in some families, parents are not given the respect they deserve.

In this fast paced era, one needs to pause and realize the importance of relationships and bonds in life. Sadly many parents have to leave their homes due to misunderstandings and disputes in old age. People have become so selfish that they use their parents’ resources and throw them from their lives. This is the time when they need their children to look after them. Such parents have to take shelter in old age homes. Some beg on the streets and live in public places. This is the worst crime one can commit in his life- to make their parents homeless when they need care and support.So this day is celebrated to make children realize the importance of parents in life, to make them remember the efforts made by their parents to raise them and convert them into successful persons.

What are the Duties of Children Towards Parents?

  • One can never pay back the life and sacrifices of parents. In return, children must always be respectful and grateful to their parents.
  • As parents were always there for their children, one should always look towards their needs. Children must show this honor in a respectful attitude towards their parents.
  • They are to speak respectfully to their parents.
  • If you condemn your parents, you can never think yourself as perfect because the same blood flows In your veins too.
  • Parents never leave our hands when we were not able to walk. In the same way, they need to be cared for when they go out of steps.
  • When you become a parent, you do realize how much your parents did for you. In the natural wheel of time, the tables begin to turn and you may be given chance to serve them even as they served you.
  • Children should always love their parents and must never do anything that will hurt their feelings or go against their disciplines.
  • Children must be always grateful to their parents, try to please them and help them, and support them in need.
  • They must be obedient, kind, and truthful to them.
  • They should make sure that they are always with them in their old age.
  • Due to the generation gap, misunderstandings are there but one must listen carefully to their advice as it is based on their life long experience.
  • No one knows you better than your parents.
  • Parents, in no way, deserve any kind of disrespect. Children owe respect to them.

How to Make The Bond Stronger?

The bonds become stronger when both the parties equally participate. Parents should also try to understand their children. They must do every effort to develop their personality and moral values. 

Once the child is grown up, they should trust their child and respect his decision. They should not interfere much and must guide and show him the right path. They must advise based on their experience. Thus a stronger bond can be built.

Ways to Celebrate Parents’ Day

Expressing gratitude towards parents is the best way to celebrate. Not only on a single day is enough, one must respect and be thankful to his parents every day. Spending time with your parents is another way to make them happy and joyful. Here are some ways to make this day memorable for them.

  • Cook for them their favorite dishes.
  • Show them their favorite movies.
  • Plan a vacation.
  • Go for a family outing.
  • Helping the needy is the best way to celebrate. Plan a visit to the orphanage to help the parent-less children.


One must never miss an opportunity to thank the ones who do everything to keep us happy. So one must always respect and love his parents.

Writing Credits – Lovepreet Arora