DSS Volunteers Celebrate Baba Ram Rahim’s Birthday with Welfare Activities


Dera Sacha Sauda celebrates Baba Ram Rahim Singh Ji’s birthday

What do we understand when we talk about environment? Is it just one’s own surrounding, the immediate one in your own backyard? There is more to environment than just the physical space we see around our own living area. The world itself is our environment. When something happens which affects the environment in one part of the world, a chain reaction spreads all through the globe. For example, the effects of global warming are felt all over the world, not just in some small parts. Therefore, each person has a duty towards the environment, as each person is responsible for it.

People are now waking up to the threat of environmental degradation.

Many organizations have been working to save the environment. These organizations require our support. We can support them in many ways. Apart from raising money, we can raise awareness about a particular cause or issue they are fighting for.


Though there are many organizations doing a lot to save our environment, but today I’m discussing about an organization where the passion to save the humanity is beyond the imagination.

As we all know, Dera Chief Baba Ram Rahim is currently behind the bars. But this makes no difference to the 65 million followers, rather they admire him even more than before.
Even today, their humanitarian works are going at the same pace as they were in his presence.

The DSS volunteers always do something unprecedented to celebrate each occasion, and they did the same on Baba Ram Rahim Ji’s birthday.

A Mega Tree Plantation Drive was run by Dera Sacha Sauda on 14th August, not in India but abroad too, including Paris, Manila (Philippines), Surrey (Canada), Terracina (Italy), Doha (Qatar), New Zealand, Kuwait and other places. In India, the volunteers spread across Haryana, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Delhi, Himachal Pradesh, Bihar, Nepal, Maharashtra and Darjeeling contributed to the plantation drive. Incredible, isnt it?!

Due to such great works and offbeat ideology, these volunteers have got their names engraved in golden words in history. There’s so much to learn from the followers of Baba Ram Rahim!

What’s more surprising is the fact that over 70% of His followers are youngsters! Children these days don’t even listen to their parents but these people sincerely adhere to their Guru’s preaching. In this self-centered era, where each one of us is busy with our own daily hassles, they are doing welfare works to revive humanity through their undying endeavors.
That’s the reason why they wear that Insan locket probably. In real sense, they are the real human beings or ‘Insan’.

The Mega Tree Plantation Drive organised by volunteers was not for the first time, infact, Ram Rahim Ji initiated environment conservation movement back in 2009.

Previous records:

2009- 68,73,451
2010- 43,00,057
2011- 4,00,000
2012- 31,21,203
2013- 35,36,264
2014- 35,00,000
2015- 50,00,000
2016- 40,00,000
2017- 35,00,000
2018- 24,84,900

What could be a better gift for a true spiritual master on his birthday from his disciples? And what for the mother nature?

Truly guys, their initiatives are completely unparalleled. I hope in future we see their wonderful works in future as well!