Weight loss is not as easy a task as weight gain is. You need commitment not only for your goal but physical and mental drive too. If you don’t have an iron willpower, then you will give up due to hunger (and anger!). But if you see it scientifically, weight loss doesn’t mean that you should start skipping your meals and remain hungry all the time. It simply means that you organize your lifestyle in such a way that you have enough amount of energy for entire day. Finally, if you have taken a decision of losing weight, then follow these 6 ways.

Cut back on sugar and carbs

You need to cut down the carb from your food. By doing so, you will consume less calories without feeling hungry. And your body will start shedding off the stored fat. The other benefit of cutting carb is that it will lower the insulin level that causes your kidney to shed excess sodium and water out of your body. This process will reduce the unnecessary water weight of your body.

On the other hand, cut down the consumption of sugar too. You need to replace the sweetened beverages like soda, juices and soft drinks with unsweetened drinks, as the former are high in calories and don’t give much energy to body. They also increase the risk of diseases.

So, it is really important that you cut down the consumption of sugar and carbs.

Start eating more vegetables, whole grains, and protein

Losing weight is important but maintaining the power and energy of the body is also equally important. So make sure that you intake apt amount of veggies, whole grain and protein.

Protein is the key ingredient that fuels our muscles and helps us feel full. Many scientific studies show that green vegetables are the best source of reducing risk of chronic diseases, better health outcomes and weight loss. So, start adding spinach, chives, watercress, collard greens and other green veggies on your plate. Eradicate white bread and white rice from your diet as refined carbohydrates have a direct link with weight gain. Eat whole grains; it will keep you filled for hours as it digests slowly. Take the apt amount of protein, veggies and whole grains that will make you feel full and will not increase your weight.

Move around more

Exercise is surely not a shortcut of losing weight because it increases the urge of consuming more calories than reducing. So, start with easy steps and move around more, starts using stairs instead of lift, if you drive to work then try walking, biking or using public transport. Regular movement of body is the key of weight loss.

Beware of items labeled as “low-fat”, “light” and “reduced fat”

These products sound so cool. And we think that it will help us in losing weight. But it is the not true at all. Things like ice-cream, peanut butter, yogurt, etc. are labeled as having “low-fat”, “light”, “reduced fat”. Actually, these products are highly processed and contain high amounts of sugar too for maintaining the taste. This extra sugar is the leading cause of obesity and weight gain. Next time you’re out for grocery shopping, beware of such items.


Aim to lose only about a pound or two a week

Be patient and slowly lose the weight as you are indulging new habits and it takes time. So for a sustainable weight loss; only lose one to three pound maximum in a week. It is advised by dietitians that you should slowly create a new habit of healthy eating and exercising. You can even start hanging out with friends who have the same goals and eating habits. It will help you in developing this new habit and eventually you will lose weight.

Diet chart

It is important to follow discipline to achieve any goal in life. A diet chart will give you that discipline and it is good for a healthy life too. Shared below is a very effective diet chart by Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Insan, who has applied it on himself and many others. This chart gives 100% result when followed with commitment, and many people have lost their weight by following it. Here is the link for you.


Weight loss is not about no eating. It is about right eating. So, when are you beginning your health regime? Do let us know in the comment section below!