Raksha Bandhan – A Bond of Love And Protection!


When we enter this world, we enter a number of relations too, each of them having different names but all having some special love and care which make the bond meaningful and uniquely memorable. One such adorable relation is the one between a brother and a sister. This relation always has a childish innocence wherein the two people are ever ready to fight but deep down, they are true caretakers of one another. This relation carries immense love and care.

In Hindu culture, this bond is celebrated as “Raksha Bandhan” when the two put their fights on rest and amaze everyone with memorable celebration. The sister ties a thread on brother’s wrist with the hope in heart that he will always remain secure and live a happy and healthy life, whereas the brother protects sister from all the pain and sorrows.

This relationship involves a lot more than this, which we’ve tried to cover below.

Table of Contents

Emotional Attachment

Every brother and sister have a special emotional attachment with each other. Even being far away, we can experience the other’s presence. They have lots of complaints but when they meet after a long time, they’ll forget all the complaints.All we want is a tight hug which is more precious than any other expensive gift. These feelings make this relation eternal forever.

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Parent’s Like Love

This love have an emotional attachment but these emotional feelings carry a parent’s like love. Sister has a motherly love for the brother while he has fatherly love for her. These feelings come out when parents go out for any work and ask the children to not fight until they return. Then the two become real caretaker

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Friendship is a bond which is not blood relation but is blissful of truthful. This relation is surely not bounded by any age limit. We spare time and spend most of the time together. We fight for something but we also share chocolates, snacks, toys, gifts and in childhood we even use to share clothes. This sharing bond makes this most special.

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It’s a common sight to see brothers and sisters fighting. Seemingly, God has created this relation in a unique way. Being praised is all one really wants. The one who does all the assigned tasks gets rewarded with chocolates or money. This competitive feeling makes the two progress further in life.

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Crime Partner in Childish Innocence

When we transition from childhood to adulthood, we realize the reality of life which is challenging everyday. So all we want is to have fun in a childish manner and the perfect one to accompany is always a brother or a sister.

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Secret Keeper

We always want someone to trust and depend on, someone who knows us more than we know ourselves. I believe we can never find a secret keeper better than a brother or a sister, who usually laughs at our stupid confessions but never reveals those to anyone.

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In life when we are moving ahead, we know it has variations in every stage. But a brother or a sister is the one apart from parents who can guide you for the best. They know you well and so they always want you to be perfect. They will always guide you to the right path no matter what the situations are.

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On this “Raksha Bandhan”, go on and share the love and care with your sibling. Spend some good time together and create memories that will fill sparkle in your world, today and forever!