7 Incredible Benefits of Deep Breathing Exercise


Have you ever wondered, whenever you feel tense, or whenever you feel nervous, or whenever you feel stressed, then why many people used to say “take a deep breath”?

Does this deep breathing take away all tension, nervousness, and stress? Well, you must be surprised to know that deep breathing is very effective as it will not only give you relaxation but it has innumerable benefits.

Here are some of the benefits or reasons that why you should take breathing exercise seriously

Improve your Energy Level

In the hectic schedule, due to continuous work, energy level gets reduced due to which we are not able to focus on work but deep breathing exercise relaxes our mind and improves the oxygen level in the body and we feel energetic. In this way, the energy restores to our body ad we continue to focus on our work.

Reduces Anxiety

In life, there are many situations come when we feel nervous, tensed, uneasy which give us stress and whenever we feel stressed, a hormone named ‘Cortisol’ releases in our body which increases our breath rate. This can be controlled with the breathing exercise as it will reduce the body’s natural reaction to the stressful situation.

Nervous system and Heart Balance

Deep breathing exercise increase oxygenation which is received by the brain, spinal code and nerves and this will improve the health of the whole body. Deep breathing increases oxygen which will lower the heart rate, blood pressure and improve circulation.

Cardiogram pulse trace and heart concept for cardiovascular medical exam

Toxin Release

The interesting fact about breathing exercise is that it will release toxins from our body because our body is designed in such a way that if we breathe properly then we can release 70%  toxins from our body by breathing. By exhaling air, we release carbon dioxide that has been passed to our body through our bloodstreams which take it to lungs. So breathing effectively is important which protect us from illness.

Controlling Weight

You must be thinking that how one can control their weight by breathing exercise. But this is true. If you are overweight, then the increased oxygen burns your fat and if you are underweight, then the oxygen you inhale feed up your starving tissues. So if you do breathing exercise regularly, weight won’t be an issue anymore.

Quality of Blood

While doing deep breathing exercises, you exhale carbon dioxide from the body and inhale oxygen in the body which in turn improves your quality of blood.

Healthier Body

Last but not the least benefit of doing breathing exercise is that one will get the healthier body because by focusing on the breathing, your energy level will improve and your immune system will get stronger, your muscles get relaxed and this all will happen as the oxygen level in your body get enhanced due to inhaling and exhaling properly.

After reading all these benefits, one should adopt breathing exercises regularly in their life. If you want to remain healthy, then you must give at least 15 minutes time for breathing exercise from your busy schedule.