How Music can Help Children Support their Autistic Peers?


In this world, whatever we see is a beautiful creation of the most creative artist. One who created everything, even us. When we enter in this world we are unknown to the fact that which life we are going to own how it’s going to be, how we are going to look, what abilities we will have.

These all are that packets of surprise which discloses with our birth.. Many love their gifts they grow with standard time they love, laugh and more over that live their life with everything they want but, one over every ten children grows steadily with a serious development disorder that impairs the ability to communicate and interact, they usually are called “Autistic“. Such kids are less social, crass without meaning to be.

They say exactly what they have in their mind and due to that sometimes they hurt others feelings. Just because they are not like all of us, they are usually isolated and find less support from others, get bullied and found trouble a lot of time. But there is a fact that “when the sun rises, it rises with the power to en-light the entire world”. To end the dark night there comes a bright day just like that there is no problem which can survive longer than our will.. And to end every problem a solution always exist. God’s every creation have his presence. Positivity stays where he stays, in each of his creation, there is solution to our problems.

Personally I feel Nature and secondly Music are that beautiful two which deeply influences our mind and more over that, our soul. The pleasure and contentment that we find in music makes us healthier, heals our wounds and fills with the new spirit. There are many other psychological benefits as well. The notion that music enhances our thoughts, feelings and behaviour is like magic. When we get a new willingness to live, then we understand the power of music to impact our moods and even inspire action. The psychological effects of music can be more powerful and wide -ranging than we might assume. An autistic person can experience a change in his mental health with introducing music in his life.

music can help children in many ways daily bees

So what else can music do to improve Mental health of an Autistic ?

Improve Cognitive Performance

Researches suggest that performance on cognitive tasks can be improved by listening soft background music. Both upper and lower increase our Mental Health. Upper beats improves speed where as lower beats improve memory.

Reduces Stress

Those who feel trouble in connecting with others and feel stressed doing works that others usually do. Then music can be the effective way to cope up with stress. Music soothe the mind and gives relaxation.

Improve your Memory

An autistic child is usually mindful and have unique abilities but, it’s always important that their abilities get enhanced. Such kids usually stays in silence so there memory is already sharp. With their favourite music their memory and study gets improved. All they need is, it must be of their choice and they enjoy it. It will make them a good and sharp learner and they will be less distracted.

Manage Pain

Usually Autistic children are isolated by others and so they feel pain due to this isolation, they really hate when they are bullied. Well at that stage music can help as a companion which can manage there pain. With soft music the wounds get healed and removes the mark of pain.

Can help you sleep better

Doing such things what others makes feel that you are becoming similar to them makes tired and to remove this tiredness a proper sleep is required. Mind relaxing music can be a safe, effective and affordable remedy. A quality sleep is possible only when your mind rests.

Gives Motivation

There are always obstacles but to over come these, one requires motivation. Positive Music have the depth of emotions and words are powerful, sometimes when these relates to your situation, it gives you motivation. An autistic always need support and it’s the best when they get it of their own. A playlist filled with fast -paced tunes boost there motivation and makes them enjoy their life.

Improve your Mood

We usually don’t understand our own moods, a music that makes you feel happier can reduces chances of anger in autistic person. It can help them smile even when situations are against them.

Reduces Chances of Depression

One who don’t get support from any corner of his life, is isolated and bullied usually get pushed towards depression. And if they don’t get anyone to support them their situations can be worst. To take them out of depression and make their life filled with colours of happiness music act as a Therapy. Music removes the negativity and makes positivity enter in their life and attitude.

music reduces depression daily beesImprove Endurance and performance

Step frequency with addition of a strong, rhythmic beat, such as fast -paced musical track ,could inspire people to pick up the pace and stick with motivation that display greater endurance.

Music is a piece of Art that goes is ears straight to your heart and mind. Music itself is the world filled with all you want – solution to all your problems.