Of tradition and glamour- The Karva Chauth festivities


Karva Chauth is a traditional festival observed in India since many centuries. During this day, the ladies observe fast from dawn to dusk and at dusk, customary pooja is carried out by groups of women. Once the moon appears, the ladies view the moon first and then look at their husbands while praying for their well being, and then eat. It is believed that the Karva Chauth pooja safeguards the husbands from any dangers and increases their lifespan.

Initially regarded as the north Indian festival, this celebration has now spread across India and has been widely accepted, all thanks to the high levels of glamorization by Bollywood. This festival is one of the most awaited festivals as it holds emotional value for women and business value for the market. These days, ladies dress up in the heavy Indian ethnic dresses and husbands gift their wives some really expensive gifts like gold and diamond jewellery. Women leave no stones unturned to look their best and stand out from the crowd. So today’s article is going to talk about the various dressing styles followed by women of various age groups on Karva Chauth.

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Heavy Sarees

This ethnic Indian attire tops the charts on Karva Chauth. Most of the middle aged and older women are seen wearing heavily embellished sarees in various colours, with red being the prominent one. Many young women too wear sarees, although with designer wears being the in-thing, the young and newly married women prefer those. Saree holds a special place in Indian wears and so even this year it remains the most sought after dress on this Karva Chauth.

Lehenga or crop top skirts

Traditional Indian attire, usually adorned by the brides on their weddings, is also a famous wear amongst young women celebrating Karva chauth. However, this season is seeing the lighter versions of this dress, which have relatively lighter embroideries and are easy to carry.

Long Silk suits with embroidered heavy velvet dupattas

Heavily embroidered dupattas with plain suits have been a typical Punjabi ethnic wear, which has now become popular all over India. The new variation of embroidered Velvet dupattas or veils has made it a trending outfit of the autumn season. Women of all age group can be seen adorning this attire.

Shararas and Ghararas

This trend once used to be popular in the early 90s and has come back with full force. Both are stylish forms of bottoms and are worn typically with short length kurtis. This Karva Chauth, many young women will be seen wearing this traditional outfit.










Professional Makeup and hairdos

Gone are the days when women would put on a bindi and lipstick and be done with their makeup. Now women prefer to get professional makeup done from the parlours. Needless to say, the beauty parlours are very busy on the day of Karva chauth.

Glowing skin, Dark eye shadows, heavily kohl rimmed eyes or smoky eyes are all in. Usually dark lip colours are preferred to go with the look. Hair dos are also done professionally. While middle aged and older women prefer to go with buns or Judas, many young women also opt in for western and modern hairstyles like messy side buns, curly hair, side braid or loose straightened hair.

Watching these lovely ladies perform the traditions while looking their best is certainly a sight to behold and lasts in the minds of the onlookers.

So how do you plan to get ready this Karva Chauth? Do share your views and ideas; we would be more than happy to read about your plans.