Guru Purnima: A Heartfelt Gratitude!


This time I would like to articulate this article in a particular way. Earlier I used to talk and write in spiritualistic tone but this time the time light must be shadowed upon the materialistic world. As we enter into this world, from that moment our life start teaching us in its own way. And it is the lesson of life what makes us what we are. It sends uncountable people in our life, some of them may use us, some of them test us, some of them betray us, and also the ones who brings out the very best of us.

But anyone you meet has something to offer you on the platter. Every pain, every suffering, every heartache helps in your process of transformation. It makes you more humble, wise, stronger and sensitive towards other. Good or bad whatever happens, happens for a reason. Growing, evolving, healing becomes the part of life whenever life teaches us something new. On this auspicious day of Guru Purnima, let us cherish all those who now and then bestowed us with different life lessons.

Lesson from Guru

Couldn’t decipher how to sum up the interminable lists of lessons which are taught by a spiritual master or spiritual mentor. The one who liberates us from the cycle of birth and death, the one who soothe the years of soul cravings, the one who removes the weed of ignorance, and shows the right path towards the salvation.

If life is an ocean, Guru guides through. If life is a burning furnace, his knowledge and guidance brings the cool shower. Foresight of a supreme Guru is beyond the perception of human mind. Only the right time can unveil the hidden facts. It is always said that even the anger of Guru is blissful, whereas the affection of the materialistic world is injurious. Spiritualistic or materialistic, no one can cross the shore without a Guru.

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Lesson from Parents

Besides Guru, if you can trust upon in this life is your parents. Every parent wants his/her child to be the best, sometimes they might get strict or scold you but at last, they’re the ones who never betray you. MAA, the first Guru of a child starts her lesson from the first day & if she herself was of spiritual beliefs, it can never happen that his/her child commit anything wrong in life. Sometimes when I told my mom that the world around us is not so good, she always replied- Be like a lotus, doesn’t matter how much dirtiness is around you, you still blossom. If you’re good you’ll end up getting good. As it is our vibes that attracts our tribe.

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Lesson from Teacher

Here I think you don’t need much explanation. As we all know very well how important they’re in our day to day to life. Whatever be the field, only a teacher can help us to achieve excellence as only an expert can train a beginner. They only show us the path it is you who has to travel up to your destination. But the point is what if someone doesn’t show you the right path? Don’t we spend most of the time looking for different paths? So, it’s the teacher (the real one, real here means the one knows the value of its profession very well) who give direction to our life and stop us from wandering in our journey of career.

Lesson from Friends

Let me tell you, there are two types of friends in the world, the one who actually cares for our best and the ones who are more dangerous than our real enemies because they’re the one who stabs you from behind. Unfortunately, you’ll experience both of them in life and in return give either blissful experience or painful lesson.

Don’t worry, this is what I called life. Slowly but surely step by step life makes us wise, so that we can differentiate the two well.

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Lesson from Enemies

Well, well, well! As I said Everyone has something to teach you, then how can we forget to appreciate the contribution of our so called enemies this day as they’re the ones who keep us on our toes. They’re the ones who keep a check on us and force us to give our excellent. It was an old saying to keep your friends close, and your enemies even closer. Undoubtedly, the best life lessons are always given by them unknowingly.

Basically, this day is celebrated for the one who gives real meaning to our life. Our spiritual mentor or Guru who not only protect and care us in this world but also beyond this materialistic world. But as per the sermons, to live a fruitful and prosperous life one should always be grateful to each and everything. People come and go, but their impact and lessons always remain with us lifelong. Be grateful Always to whatever new you learn every day happily and blissfully.