Sometimes Nature Also Teaches The Best Lesson of Life!

Nature teaches the best lessons in life Daily Bees

To all my dear readers, today I’m gonna share with you all a story. A story which is simple, but a strong one. Believe me, this will fill you with a new ray of hope, energy and will to achieve something. Yesterday I was watching TV with my little brother and I saw something. I totally loved it and decided right then, that I’m going to share it with you all!

Everyone wants to achieve success in life. Having good Time Management Skills will help you to get Succeed up-to maximum extent. We work hard, work with determination and patience. But sometimes, despite having followed all of these mantras, we still face challenges, we fail and become hopeless. Hopelessness is the biggest enemy of success. If you become hopeless, you loose everything. Whenever you feel hopeless, just remember the giraffe.

Surprised? Well, Read On!

Recalling lessons from primary classes, we know that giraffe is a tall animal. When a mother giraffe gives birth to a baby, the baby giraffe falls on the ground with a force. Quite instantly, the mother giraffe kicks it really hard. The baby giraffe falls at a distance and tries to gather it’s senses, when the mother giraffe gives it another kick.

The baby giraffe gradually understands that it will keep getting kicked until it does something. So it starts trying to get up on its wobbly legs. Then again the mother kicks the baby, it falls and understands that it has to stand and run to not be kicked anymore. Now, the baby giraffe starts running. Right then, the mother comes and starts kissing and embracing the baby. Why would a mother do that?

The mother giraffe is aware that there are ferocious animals in the forest, which love soft flesh of newborn animals and that she can’t stay with the baby all the time. So if it goes away, who will protect the baby? That is why, as soon as the baby is born, the mother kicks the baby to make it learn how to stand. She kicks it again so the baby remembers how to stand. She kicks it yet again so the baby not just stands up, but also starts running.

In life, challenges come, we fall, we fail, but what’s more important? Getting Back Up!
Just remember the mother giraffe and baby. Challenges will always come your way, and fall is inevitable. But no matter how many times you fall, get up. Get up and stand, stand and start running. If you learn to get up, then nothing can stop you from reaching the pinnacle of your dreams.

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