7 tips to make skin glowing in summers


In summer season, the skin care becomes a difficult task because of exposures to sun, getting tan, sweat, etc. Some go to parlors for cleansing purpose while some do it on their own leading to consumption of a good amount of time and getting their skin exposed to lots of chemicals. Moreover, the harsh rubbing which one has to go through while all that process is quite uncomfortable. I also tried cleansing but I didn’t like it because of the continuous peeping of the products into my eyes and causing irritation! So many problems of summer season! Isn’t it? But to make our skin look good, we all go through this! So if I tell you, there are some easy ways by which you will not have to go through any of the painful experiences, then? So without any further suspense, read on to find out the ways!

1.Potato mesh

Yes, you read that right! Take a potato, peel it and grate it. Then apply it on your face and just relax! Imagine, coming back from office or college and feeling drained, having headache, now you just have to apply potato on your face. It will not only soothe the skin but also de-tan! Isn’t it amazing? De-tanning without any pain! So give it a try. It should be applied for an hour.

2.Wet cloth

Always keep a wet cloth preferably towel handkerchief with you while going out and cover your face with it! It will prevent the exposure to sun and you will feel good.

3.Nose strips

Many people face the problem of white and black heads especially on the nose. These days the best measure available is nose strips which without any pain pull your white and black heads out!

4.Water intake

Increase your water intake during summers! Have lots of water! Keep drinking it after some time at regular intervals. It will help you in making your skin glow!


Apply sunscreen before going out in the sun! Never ignore the side-effects of excessive sun exposure. It leads to lot of problems like long term exposure can damage the skin badly which makes it very difficult to heal so better avoid it by applying sunscreen. It should be applied at least half an hour before the exposure.


A very important part of our body is our eyes and the skin of eyelids. Sometimes burning sensation occurs in eyes during this season. Cucumber can save you from that. Take two pieces of cucumber, keep them in fridge for ten minutes and then keep them on your eyes. It will soothe the eyes and long term use will also help in reducing the dark circles.

7.Lip care

The most sensitive and most ignored part of our face is our lips. So never avoid them. Must apply lip balm before going out. While sleeping you can also apply ‘ghee’ on your lips. It helps in fast healing.
So this is all for today. Hope it helps you in keeping your skin healthy and moisturized and this summer season, you can slay the real you!