Single Destination: Confluence of All Religions!


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So my exams are finally over and the fun has already begun! The very first thing which I have done is, watched my all-time favourite movie ‘PK’. I have absolutely no idea how many times I have watched it till date, it’s such an outstanding movie! For me, the best part is particularly the scene when Aamir Khan (PK) checks babies for a stamp indicating their religion at birth & fails to find one, and then concludes that religion must be all about fashion.

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On the same lines, I wonder, we all have same colour of blood and same organ systems then why do we people fight in the name of religions?

Let’s suppose that a speaker is addressing an audience. He will call out to the masses as ‘ladies and gentlemen’, or brothers, sisters, the elderly, etc. But no one ever addresses a crowd as persons of different castes or religions. It is just not practical! A person belonging to any religion is capable of donating the blood to any person with the compatible blood group. Then why all this discrimination and conflict?

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So I want to ask, is there any place on earth where people from all the religions live in harmony?

Well I have actually found an answer to this question myself. A renowned place – Dera Sacha Sauda, Sirsa (Haryana) is where people from all the religions sit under one roof and recite God’s name. It is the only place where everyone is instilled with the principle of “We all are one and belong to human community”. Each and every corner of Dera Sacha Sauda illuminates with the light of love, brotherhood, humanity and spirituality.


The establishment of this spiritual college was laid by Shah Mastana Ji Maharaj on 29th April, 1948, who blessed the souls by giving them method of meditation & also by encouraging the disciples of all the religions to perform the tasks of human welfare and avoid evil deeds. Later, this organisation was handed over to Shah Satnam ji Maharaj by Mastana ji Maharaj on 28th February, 1960, with the divine powers to carry the task of salvation of mankind. Following that, Shah Satnam ji handed over the organisation to Saint Dr Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan on 23rd September, 1990, after which the seeds of spirituality sown by Mastana ji Maharaj were nourished by Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan.

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All through the history of 70 years, this organisation is spreading the principles of divinity, humanity and spirituality around every corner of the world. Today, there are over 65 million disciples of Dera and their zest is fully driven by humanity. Revered Guruji Himself and all the followers extend respect to every religion and love everybody selflessly. Therefore, the followers lead a fulfilling life inside out.

Every initiative is dedicated to service of the needy:

Whether it is cleanliness drives, blood donation, providing help to the destitute or helping in construction of homes for the homeless, whatever the task is, the volunteers of Dera are ready 24*7! The most surprising fact is that they do so just on a single call of their Guru (Dr MSG), not for money, fame or accolades. The atmosphere of Dera is a testimony itself of their brotherhood, love, peace for all.

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The Dera followers even have their unique identification, their special locket which is more precious to them than any gold or diamond. The “Locket Of Insan” with a figure ‘1’ signifies that God is one. People keep it with complete respect and a sense of unity. The holy images inscribed on the lockets are of the Revered spiritual masters who guide and motivate to move on the righteous track. Cordial thanks to Saints like Shah Mastana Ji Maharaj, who gifted this world with such a divine place – Dera Sacha Sauda, which forms the confluence of all religions since 29th April, 1948.

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All in all, no religion is superior or inferior, all are equal. We may not directly participate in these acts, but there are time when we’re silent and we really need to raise the voice. So let us spread the true significance of religions and make the world a better place to live!