Kareena’s Baby Bump To Be Concealed In Lal Singh Chaddha


During ongoing days, Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor Khan is busy in shoot of Film “Lal Singh Chaddha” with Amir Khan. Lal Singh Chaddha is remake of Forrest Gump, a Hollywood movie. The movie is produced by Amir Khan himself and directed by Advait Chandan. The shooting of this movie has been started earlier but halted due to pandemic. But now this has been continued and bebo is in no mood to take a break from it. Break?? You know why?

Kareena Kapoor Khan & Saif Ali Khan are Expecting Baby Number 2

Yes, bebo is having baby number 2 with Saif Ali khan after Taimur, his first son and second baby will be welcomed in March 2021. Definitely this is a time of joyous for Khan and Kapoor family but sadly not for the team of LAC. Why so?

Bebo’s Baby Bump is Visible; Team of LAC

From the sources, we came to know bebo’s four month pregnancy is visible on screen now and 100 days of work is left more. Bebo is keen to complete her project as soon as possible  before she go on maternity break. To make her baby bump invisible on screen, team is using VFX. Yes baby bump needs to be concealed using certain effect. It is a great spirit bebo is giving to different women of our country that how she is working even in her pregnancy period passionately.

Actresses who concealed their baby bump on screen

We see that how the life  is stressful and work loaded for the film screen artist . But many actresses instead of having pregnancy gave their best on screen without showing any disturbance of their faces .

Here we have names of certain celebrities who shined even during pregnancy by concealing their baby bumps through effects:

Gal Gadot, a Hollywood actress

Gal Gadot in her movie ‘Wonder Women’ gave a reshoot in the portrayal of demi- goddess which was quite impressive and the shocking thing is she was five months pregnant there .

Blake lively

This Hollywood actress not just gave one but two movies during her pregnancy which is really appreciable .

Scarlett Johanssons

An actress, also famous for her role in ‘Black Widow’ was also pregnant while shooting for ‘Avengers’.

Writing Credits – Swarsh Setia