Xiaomi Eyeing Big in Bezel-less Category of Smartphones

The world of smartphone categories is getting into direction with bezel-less screens.The word bezel-less means no metal or plastic on the side edges. The world famous Chinese phone maker is trying to take a leap in this particular segment and officially filed a patent with the higher authority of patents,World Patent Organisation (WIPO).The sources reveled few highlights of the product and says it will be an all four edges rounded screen.The makers claims it to be the first of this kind. The filing is done in January this year only and being published in the Global Design Database of the WIPO On February 5, 2019.
The display is rounded up on top and bottom, to left and right as it was in Samsung S9 series. The screen itself covers the half of the thickness of the gadget.
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No visible buttons are seen on the handset.Only a C type USB port is visible. The rare side of the phone is having a dual camera setup mark and a regular flash (no specifications disclosed yet for Camera and other software modules).
The company claims this new patent will eliminate the bezels entirely and a true full-screen display will give a new experience of smartphone screenings. Enhanced level of the screen to body ratio like never before.
With this design the notch will be a feature of gone by days, moreover there is no punch hole or thumb pointer seen on the device. Nothing is declared for the hosting of selfie camera, or may be an assistive touch from software will do that?
Even in past Xiaomi had two sided curvy models alike of Samsung S series.It also tried a slider and a punch hole display to give a bezel-less display. It also trying Hands in a folding smartphone. Xiaomi eyeing big by patenting this design to lure in young consumers.
But as in past the S series of the Samsung was not all that sell-able due to fragileness of the handset, as it needs extra care to carry it.
Big doubts goes in commercial demand of such Bezel-less units.
Still a patent is patent to prove supremacy in a particular segment of product development and design, as it is an engineering marvel itself.
In due course of writing this article,let us sum up by saying at the end the Consumer’s using experience matters to make a product hit or miss.