7 Simple Ways to Stay Healthy This Monsoon | Rainy Season Health Tips


Easiest Ways to Stay Healthy this Monsoon – Do’s & Don’ts – Monsoon Health Tips

So, one fine day of summers, the monsoon arrived and it started to rain every day or every other day. Sometimes light, sometimes sufficient enough to see rivers on roads at least for some time. Before jumping into “ways to stay healthy this monsoon”, let us remind how much we love rainy season.
The rainy season is one of those favourite seasons of most of the people with a few exceptions. So people Love to dance, sing, eat snacks, after all, there are events specific to rain which we do when it rains in our area, in our city and we enjoy doing them. So with enjoy comes the precautions, different simple ways to Stay Healthy this monsoon and that’s what we will discuss here.

Carry Umbrella Always

Never forget your umbrella at home. Keep a spare one in your bag all the time. You never know when it’ll start raining.

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Drive Slow on Slippery Roads

Rain can start anytime anywhere so one cannot be necessarily at home at that time, so if you need to drive in the rain then please drive slow as roads can be slippery, there is less visibility due to water hitting eyes or on the glass of cars, etc.

Eat From Specific Places Only

As you know, rain does not come alone, it brings bacteria along. So one should be very careful while choosing the food place. Always prefer home-made food over Street Food in the season. You never know which simple food from outside might make you ill. So even if you eat from outside, be specific and choose hygienic places.

Take a Bath

The rain of first 30 minutes contains dust and related particles so if you get wet with initial drops, must take a bath with clean water afterwards.

Prevent Water-logging

Rainy water if gets logged at places, in containers, in places near our surroundings can cause mosquitoes to breed and increase diseases so one should be careful about the surroundings. One should use mosquito repellents and if needed, take mosquito control.

Water Harvesting

You can do water harvesting as it will help you to save water but just keep the water covered properly so that it does not become a breeding place and stays contamination free.

Take Vitamins

Take multi-vitamins especially vitamin C to Boost Your Power against infections, you know it’s needed in the rainy season.

So, I don’t feel it’s that difficult to take care of you in this season so why to not take these simple Health Precautions in the rainy season and stay fit and healthy.