Your Personal Guide to Improve Spoken English


You all must be aware of the importance of Spoken English over the written one in today’s world. But, speaking in English fluently (forget accurately!) is easier said than done for many. People come from various backgrounds and cultures. They have their own mother tongue and hence need time and practice to master the skills of a new language. So, here are few workable solutions on “How to Improve Spoken English” that can be used effectively to become a fluent English language speaker.

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Remove Fear of Being Judged

There are many factors that affect your accent and fluency of a language, like schooling, company, surroundings, etc. So it’s okay to take your own time and learn at your own pace. Like this, you can remove the fear of failure or being judged by anyone. Now, let’s proceed.

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Start Talking to Yourself

Sometimes I need expert advice on How to Improve Spoken English, so I talk to myself! 😛

That’s actually true. You can be your own teacher. Start talking to yourself in English. Stand before a mirror and speak on any topic for just a minute. Here the focus is not on the quality of ideas, but the continuity of your speech, so ignore the stammering and stuttering. Don’t get flustered if you aren’t grammatically correct, fluency is more important here!

Start Talking to Yourself Daily Bees

Read for Vocabulary, Speak for Correct Pronunciation

Read for Vocabulary, Speak for Correct Pronunciation Daily Bees

Take a newspaper, start reading the news out loud in front of the mirror like the news anchor whom you saw and fell in love with. 😛

This way, you’ll learn new words. Also watch English talk shows, movies, news etc., so you will learn the correct pronunciations.

Think in English!

In which language do you think? Your native language, right? So, to develop fluency, it’s time to start THINKING in English.

When somebody is talking in his/her native tongue, we do notice his/her pronunciation of words. Don’t we? What did you get from this one? Dear pals, clarity of utterance of words is extremely important to keep the listener engaged. You can try some tongue twisters (right now!! :D) such as ‘How can a clam cram in a clean cream can?’… haha… interesting ya!

Try to Think in English Daily Bees

Mind the Pauses and Punctuation

How do you feel when someone just keeps on talking and talking and talking? Isn’t it irritating? Why? What if YOU are not in a mood to speak? Haha… Jokes apart, the real question is “How do you feel when someone just keeps on talking and talking and talking… WITHOUT giving proper pauses, leaving you with the task of rewinding his tape and decoding it? Mind-boggling, ya! Folks, it’s important to speak with correct pauses and intonation. Why don’t you develop your own rhythm and pace while speaking? You need to ensure that you are understood.

Maintain Correct Body Language and Posture

It’s very important to use an appropriate body language while communicating with someone. There’s a different way of speaking in various setups like professional/ personal space, casual/serious matter, party/on job and so on…

Maintain Correct Body Language and Posture Daily Bees

Find Yourself Some English Company

Undoubtedly, our surroundings play a pivotal role in shaping our desires, choices and behaviour in life. Hence, putting it down simply, try making friends with those people who reflect English background. Interact with those who have had ample exposure to the English language.

Find Yourself Some English Company Daily Bees

Alright, since we are nearing the end of this article, there are two brief pieces of advice I would like to give you. Firstly, enhancing English speaking skills cannot happen overnight. You need to practice it every single day (without fail…avoid cheat days!!). Secondly, compliment your articulation by wearing a curve that sets everything know what I mean… SMILE!!

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