Food bank – Empowering Nation by defeating Hunger


Why need arises for food banks? How are food banks becoming a source for empowering nation? If we go through hunger-related facts & figures, the world has reduced number of people living below poverty line by over half since 1990. But still, millions of people are suffering from chronic hunger. To defeat hunger & to strengthen the self-reliance of communities many not for profit organizations are coming forward & are opening food banks.

To fight with hunger issue, we need to understand the problem! Every poor person is not hungry but the people suffering from hunger are found to be poor. Millions are suffering not only from hunger but malnourishment also & everybody knows the reason that they are not able to afford healthy food for their families. Every year billions of pounds of food are wasted. Food banks solve this problem by spreading awareness & by capturing this surplus food & by delivering it to people who need it the most.

Many food banks are opened at different places on the worldwide level. Those who donate food or money to people suffering from hunger are like food angels for those needy people. Most preferably non-perishable items, food grains or money to purchase fresh food is donated by these food angels. Nowadays organizations in India are also coming forward to cope up with this hunger issue. There is a Delhi food bank network in India which provides services to poor people & after Delhi; Haryana has also opened a food bank in Gurgaon. These organizations provide fresh meals to the people in need on daily basis.


Also, there is an organization named as Dera Sacha Sauda which manages food banks at different places in India. This organization encourages people for fasting for a day, to save that money. Such food donated by those people or the amount donated for such food bank is served to needy people.

Once these organizations get the donated food, they save it in their warehouses & distribute it through their different channels depending upon the need at different places. These organizations not only serve food but they also conduct myriad awareness drives & winners are announced for their encouragement. Winners are decided on the basis of efforts done in volunteering or on the basis of maximum food collector etc. All these kinds of events or drives are really appreciable & also the best way to help people in need. Along with this, many school meals programs are organized according to which school students are provided with the daily meal.

These efforts are just to defeat hunger issue from the whole world as soon as possible. But we also need to be aware. We can also be the part of it by stopping wastage of food from our side & by donating the food to needy people or to the food banks working in this direction.

Credit By: Kajal Munjal