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What is Article 370? Why is Kashmir Tensed About It?

Now people of the country are very eager to know one thing. What is Article 370? The line of events in last one week long exercise in the state of Jammu and Kashmir was a message of something big unfolding. All were making assumptions, no one was having exact clue.
Amarnath Yatris are directed to pull back & stop their journey within the said halting points. Tourists were asked to move back from the valley. Suspension on internet services, 144 and landline lead to many rumors.
A Face off with Pakistan was said to be on cards, rumors of another Pulwama type attacks and many others were making it a chaos situation. But all proven wrong when the right news came up it broken all the jinx.

Government of India Action on Article 370

But the utmost surprise was unfolded yesterday night a bit & today morning right at 11:00 Am. Union Home Minister Amit Shah made an announcement that Central Government proposes to abrogate article 370 of the Indian Constitution.
The impacts of removal of 370 are awaited. Some quick reactions were overwhelming all over country and it was welcomed with pomp and show. Parliament noticed a big melodrama by the MPs of PDP of J&K.
Both being carried away by Marshalls out of the house. And as usual Congress party opposed it just to oppose the ruling and naming it as an black chapter in Constitutional history of the India.

What is Article 370?

Article 370 was (in case of J&K state it’s was now) an article which gave special rights & status to the people of state.
Although it was drafted as temporary when it was brought in place for the state of Jammu & Kashmir. It was adopted way back in 17th of November 1956 and came into effect on 26 January 1957. Later in 2002, a set of 29 amendments been made in that.

Article 370 had given a separate constitution to the state of J&K along with a separate Flag too. The Central Constitution of India had a limited role in matters of state of Jammu & Kashmir.

It is being widely considered as most favored state within nation, as the legislative assembly of J&K runs for six years instead of 5.
No one can buy properties in Jammu and Kashmir, means other than J&K born citizens of Indian origin or foreigners.
Fundamental rights of Jammu and Kashmir state were in too fragile to keep it as a special status state in India.No other Indian Citizens can get a job in State Govt.

Union Territory Status to Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh?

With the 370 abolished, Govt.of India announced the commencing of Jammu and Kashmir as Union Territory, which will include Jammu region and will get a legislative assembly.
The region of Leh-Ladakh will become a union territory but no assembly.
The major reason to abolish Article 370 is to make One India, One Nation, One Rule. After all #BharatEkHai is trending on Twitter. Till now J&K was enjoying an autonomous status and was inclined towards the enemies of Indian State.
There is enough hue & cry among few politicians & political parties. But majority of Indians had welcomed this move of the Central Govt. and hopes for peace in the valley.
Furthermore, we can expect much better growth as the scrapping shall encourage bigger businesses to mark a foothold in the state.
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