Pulwama Terror Attack


The date 14th February world wide is celebrated as day of love,Valentine day, few calls it day of Roses. But In Pulwama district in the Indian State Jammu and Kashmir, it proven to be a day to death rather a day of Guns.But no guns fired because some coward heads called Jash-e-Mohammed hit the convey of the CRPF with a RDX explosive weighed approx 100 Kg’s and made massive damage to convey with 44 Soldiers martyr in the accident. The explosion was so massive that the sound was audible almost 10 Km area.

It is first of its kind attack in India, normally it is the ISIS pattern of attack.

The lost of valuable lives of the Soldiers is unbearable.

The world is condemning this cowardice act of the terror outfits sitting in Pakistan. USA also warned the Pakistan Govt.to not to let use its grounds for such terror activities.

Moreover, today Indian PM gave a free hand to Indian Army to use any measure as per own timing and norms to answer back this attack.

Today Home Minister visited the Pulwama Army Base and payed his homage to the departed Brave Souls and gave his shoulder to the coffins of the soldier.All these bodies will be reaching Delhi’s Palam Air base and PM along with defense minister will pay last homage.

Well there is an uneasy sense of calm and seems next few days Indian Defense Forces will be paying back to the terror groups it big time.

We as a nation always love peace, but how long can we hold our nerves if our neighbors do not understand the language of the love.


Writing Credits – Diksha