Gujarat Elections Who Won, Who Lost, Still A Mystery!!


18th December, was supposed to bring an end to a long 6 months mystery; whom will the people of Gujarat adopt? ‘A speaker or a movement?’

Even if #GujaratVerdict declares of a majority of BJP in the assembly election, but these numbers gave away a question to the country as if is it a beginning of a new era of some young politics.

Few movements and young leaders like Hardik, Jignesh & Alpesh fought a battle against 22 years of state ruling government; centre ruled government; centre ruling party president’s state; Indian PM’s own state & most importantly ‘A wave’ – A wave of Narendra Modi which swept away opponents since 2013.

Gujarat elections suspense

However it was also the rise of newly elected congress president- Rahul Gandhi, who lead the opponents, gathered massive public meetings assigned strategists like Surjewala & Mr. Gehlot, temple run of congress man and also presenting a face to youngsters of different sections.

On the other hand, apart from 22 years of rule, anti-incumbency and lots of hustle bustle in State resulting in removal of it’s Former CM ‘AnandiBen Patel’ & Mega Patidar movement with communal influence in state, still BJP managed to defend their 22 years of ‘Gujarat development model or Gujarat Vikas Yatra’. However, it was never easy for BJP to defend their fortress.

Narendra Modi - Gujarat elections

A mega star campaigning of 4 BJP CMs, 3 former CMs and a complete battalion of Union Ministers; all were called in to defend the state from where they managed to win all 26 seats of Lok Sabha in 2014. But it was still not enough because the man of the match is to be awarded to PM Narendra Modi who tookover 41 rallies in the state, and huge number of roadshows and most importantly ‘the last day sea plane water show at Sabarmati RiverFront’.

Janta, Jumle & Jeet

It started from Janta, moved to Jumlas and ended with a Jeet. Not only BJP, opponents also managed to throw some fancy Jumlas or slogans this time-
* Gabbar Singh Tax,
* Vikas Pagal Ho Gaya hai,
* CongressAaveChhe,
* NavosorjanGujarat
* Gujarat Maange Jawaab,
* Vikas Gando Thayo Che (Development Gone Mad)
* Hun Vikas Chu (I Am Vikas)
* Garje Gujarat;
And many more…….

Loophole to Congress

‘Hmein To Apno Ne Loota, Gairon Mein Kahaan Dum tha!!’

speaking to ANI Channel on Gujarat Elections - Daily Bees

As like 2014, Congress lost of Self-Goals. Statements from Manishankar Aiyyar & Kapil Sibbal made their complete efforts& labor of Mr. Rahul, Surjewala, Gehlot, Ahmed Patel and many more sweating out in Gujarat, down the drain Preventive action of Aiyyar’s suspensions also didn’t work for them.

Lack of Regional Leadership

For Congress, It was a fight without a local face that did hurt. However, Congress managed to gather faces from movement but it didn’t workout for them. It needs to build some local faces in every state to gather people’s support. So, there’s a need of some heavy dute work at the Party level, for Rahul as new President.

Focus on Patidaars, Distant from OBC

Of about 6 crore population of Gujarat, Patels constitute 1.5 Crore, who were protesting for reservation were in strong relationship with congressMen. But it resulted out as ‘Chakravyuh’ for Rahul, where Patels were aside them but OBCs being distant to them.

Charismatic Modi

Gujarat elections

The charisma of Modi catches the nerves of public. We admit, Rahul speaking a positive language is no doubt impressing people with his Gandhi Avatar. His stand on “They Stand for Hate, I stand for Love” is getting highlight, but still he needs a lot of political exercise and guidance to overcome charisma of Modi’s one-man show of power.

Check on Loyalty

After lots of allegations on role of election commission, tampering, reports of EVMs, reports of booth capturing, it’s the time to take a check on loyalty and to make sure people are brought into confidence about protection of their rights.

Dual Role of EC

The Congress alleged ECI after they ordered action against Rahul Gandhi for his TV interview for violation of model code of conduct in force in Gujarat and not ordering any action against PM conducting roadshow on the voting day. This is huge bypassing of laws, which cant be overlooked.

Time to Switch to Ballots?

As like European & American countries, Is it Time for India also to switch to ballot paper voting instead of EVMs as reports of EVM tampering has been reported from long. We really to have a road ahead in this direction too, just swishing aside these as rumours and opposition’s desperation, will not hold for too long, if these rumours really hold grounds.


We can easily say that this Gujarat election was a battle in real form, after 2013. After all those one sided election since 2013, moving around one man show, it was the first time opposition was in active role. It was an electoral win for BJP, but a moral win for Congress for sure, but a lot to go. Congress needs to come up with new narratives and empower ground leaders. Congress needs to bring in an alternative narrator, criticism is good but own opinions still lacking for Rahul.

For BJP also, it’s a lesson as they are not even safe in their fortress,how would they manage their mission of congress free India. It’s enough of vision by BJP, it’s now the time of implementation for them. BJP needs to concentrate on economic front, however they managed to secure surat but it wasn’t an easy job. Government needs to create employment, otherwise movements can repeat, youngsters can emerge and voice the opposition.

8 states assembly elections to be followed in 2018 which will be impacted by Gujarat for sure and if this moves on like this, 2019 can have some moments. Where we can Finally say – ‘Mera Desh Badal Raha Hai’