World forest day 2022


International forest day also world forest day is celebrated on 21st march every year

Why it is important to celebrate World forest day?

It is important to celebrate world forest day because on this day many of people plant millions of trees. This helps the earth’s environment to look more beautiful.

Why world forest day is useful to us?

Celebrating world forest day by planting millions of trees can help to increase level of forest which is very very helpful for people because trees increase level of oxygen which can reduce asthma and many other breath relating diseases.

It is also helpful to us because it provide many things to us like rubber, gum, paper, medicines and many other things.

Which is biggest forest In this world?

  • The Amazon is world’s biggest forest.
  • It is around 6.7 million kilometre square.
  • It alone covers around 40% of South America.The whole world gets 20% of oxygen only from forest Amazon.
  • It is located in Brazil which is part of America. It is also known as the deepest forest in the world

Why we should stop deforestation?

Continues cutting off trees should be banned in each and every country of the world because people cut the trees in very large amount and did not plant double amount of trees on that place, this decreases the level of oxygen and create disorder of healthiness in the world

Earth’s ozone layer is about to decrease Because cutting of trees decreases level of oxygen and increase level of carbon dioxide And CO2 is very dangerous for environment which can only be reduced by planting trees and if we cut trees it will increase and will harm environment.

Advantages of trees – 

Trees protect us from summer sunshine, heavy rainfall. They give us shadow and a very cool air which one cannot get from fan, air conditioners or coolers.

Trees pure our environment and protect earth from pollution, give shelter to many birds, prevent soil erosion and many earthquakes

Importance of trees in many countries

In Canada people cut trees and plant double amount of trees on that place.

In China people gift plants to each other

Also in many other countries people take plants on each others home as a gift

How theme of world forest day is selected?

It is selected by collaborative Partnership On forest.

Theme of world forest day 2022 is forest and sustainable production and consumption.

Why we should spread awareness of world forest day?

We should spread awareness about planting tree because it is really too important to plant more and more trees and create afforestation in world.

Why forests are important for upcoming generations?

As we all known that forests inhale carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen.

So if we cut trees day by day then it will create imbalance. Cutting of trees will automatically reduce amount of oxygen which is very harmful for us and also for upcoming generations. Only we can save our next generation by planting more and more trees and increase level of oxygen.

Different types of forest:-

There are many different types of forest. They are :-

1. Deciduous forest :- this is a type of forest which shed there leaves in dry season every year.

2. Coniferous forest :- it is a type of forest which are tall and also evergreen.

3. Mediterranean forest:- they are type of forest which plant citric fruits like fig , orange , grapes , olives.

4. Montane forests :- this type of forest are usually found in mountaneous area like nilgiri, himalaya, vindhya .

Why Chipku movement has been started?

It Was started by gandhian activist sunderlal bahuguna. it was followed by gandian philosophy of peaceful resistance. Chipko movement was started to save trees.

Many women hug the trees when someone tries to cut them. By this moment many area saved forestry area.

How we can plant more and more trees?

There are different methods of planting trees like one should plant tree on there birthday. 1 also can gift someone different type of plants so that amount of trees increases.

What is actual meaning of forest?

Very wide and large area covered with trees different type of plants, woods is known as Forest. Forest is an extensive area which is also giving shelter to Many wild animals and shelter to many birds.

Forest is also giving different kind of fruits.

Area covered by forest in whole world?

About 31% of global area of whole world is only covered by forest from which Much of area is undisturbed by human being.

Uses of forest:-

  1. Forest Provide various categories of bacteria,fungi, protozoa.
  2. Forest protect soil from soil erosion.
  3. Forest maintain soil fertility.
  4. Forests provide various useful things to human beings.
  5. forest improves level of oxygen in air and decreases level of carbon dioxide in the air.
  6. forest protects ozone layer from getting damaged.

Ecology of forest:-

ecosystem of flora and fauna in the forest is known as ecology of forest.

Flora:- Different type of plant species present in a particular area in wide region is known as flora.

There are many examples of flora like Grassland,forest, flowering and non flowering plants.

Fauna:- Different type of animals present in a particular area is known as fauna. There are different kind of examples like soil mesofauna , springtail , oribatida.

How we can save forest?

There are many different ways to save forest from being damaged like chipko movement ,one bachao andolan and many more. By spreading awareness among the people for not doing deforestation but promote afforestation can also help us to save our forest.

By cutting of trees many species of animals and species of birds are losing their shelter. We should try to do tree plantation every year on a special day of world forest day so that birds and animals can save their shelter and we people can save oxygen for our upcoming generation so that they could not suffer much. By planting trees we can make our earth pollution free and live happy life.

Writing credits – Suman Grover