Tips to Stay Hydrated During Summers


It is the beginning of the summer season and the temperature has already touched 40 degrees. We all know that how summer affects our body, causes dehydration which leads to electrolyte loss. So, it is necessary to maintain hydration, especially in humid and hot weather because our body tends to lose a lot of fluids through sweat. It is found that body fluid levels maintain body temperature stability, reduced kidney stone risks, does filtration of waste products, and bowl regulation. Thus, reduce the risks of some diseases and infections.

Do you want to maintain hydration? Let’s apprehend the keys to remain hydrated:

How much water does an individual need to be hydrated?

There is no denying fact that water is the key to rehydrate the body. It is the source that is the most beneficial and cheapest way to stay hydrated. Throughout the day, our body constantly loses water, mostly through urine and sweat. The more the body sweat, more is the fluid needed to replenish. Moreover, water aids in maintaining the homeostasis of the body. To maintain hydration, it is necessary to drink plenty of water. But, do you know how much?

  • According to various health experts, it is pondered that an individual must drink 8- 10 glasses per day, which is equal to 2 liters.
  • Hydrate when you wake up from sleep in the morning by putting a water bottle in front of you. It is like an associate alarm, that recalls you drinking water in morning time.
  • It is found that drinking more water reduce body weight by boosting the metabolism and curbing appetite.
  • An increase in water content prevents the body from urinary tract infections, kidney stones, and problem of constipation.

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Do vegetables and fruits aid to maintain hydration?

Indeed, some vegetables and fruits are rich in water content which assists to maintain hydration. Fruits and vegetables provide over 90% of water and it includes cucumber-96%, broccoli-90%, orange-86%, water melon-92% spinach-93%, tomato-95% and zucchini etc.

  • Watermelon is nutrient-dense fruit which has a very low-calorie density and rich in antioxidants, including lycopene. 154 gram of water melon ponders over a half cup of water which is estimated to be 118ml.
  • Strawberries consist of 91% of water ,and are loaded with properties such as fibers, vitamin C, folate, minerals and manganese.
  • One cup of 124 gm of chopped zucchini contains more than 90% of water and provides 1gm of fiber. It will contribute a significant amount of water when you include this vegetable in your diet.
  • Tomato provides nutrient to the body and is beneficial for hydration. One medium sized tomato consists of about 118 ml of water.

What are the different kinds of hydrated drinks?

Hydrated Drinks quench the thirst and make us energized and active throughout the day and they additionally supplies vitamins, probiotics, minerals, a lot of electrolytes ,and minerals to our body. The hydrated drink includes- lemon water, coconut water, herbal teas, aloe vera juice, Chia water.

  • Intake of lemon water keeps the body hydrated. Must make lemon water with the juice of two lemons and a pinch of salt. It is also a rich source of vitamin C.
  • Coconut water is one of the best hydrating drinks. The water is generally low in calories and is potassium-rich.
  • Aloe Vera juice has regenerative properties. It not only detoxifies , but also has antioxidant properties.

Chia water is made with soaking of chia seeds in water and within minutes the seeds swell up. It is one of the stunning hydrating drinks.

What is the role of skim and low-fat milk in hydration?

It has been found through studies that Milk has hydrating properties.

  •  Low-fat milk contains electrolytes of high concentration, which further aid to maintain the amount of water in our body.
  • Skim milk also contain carbohydrates, 3.4 gram of protein, 19 millimoles of sodium/litre and 40 millimoles of potassium. It makes the perfect combo of hydrating agents.
  • It is said that skim milk tastes like water, but it is rich in sources that maintain hydration.


Being hydrated will keep our bodies healthier. Let’s follow the above-given tips to keep ourselves hydrated.

Writing Credits – Aakriti Bamnia