Health is Wealth. Tips to maintain this wealth in Winters are here !


When we talk about maintaining good health in the winter season, then the most important and many times ignored part of the body is skin.

Why skin?

Because if it is not properly taken care of, it gets dry and then lead to itching and sometimes intense itching leads to abrasions and we suffer pain. This is quite common in the winter season.

What to do?

Properly moisturize the skin with moisturizers available in the market. Just see what suits your skin better. To avoid excessive drying, you can apply mustard oil on your body just before bathing. It will prevent your body oil from getting washed away during bathing.

The second most important thing to do is properly cover your-self with warm clothes. One should never under-estimate the power of accessories like caps, socks and gloves. These things can protect you from coolest winters as our extremities are very prone to get cold so they need to be taken care of properly.

Third task which is evergreen and has tendency to get ignored in winters are the habit of hand washing. Sometimes we ignore it as we don’t want to wash our hands with cool water and shiver. But it should never be missed especially before cooking and before eating. It has a lot more importance in preventing sickness than thought.
Now let’s talk about…

What to eat?

1. Sprouts- An energy enriched food which is really good for health. A light and easy to made recipe makes you feel healthy and energetic. You can have it once a day daily.

2. Milk- You should take milk every day before going to bed. It helps in good digestion as well as in combating with winter season.

3. Plenty of water- Drink plenty of water as it keeps you hydrated which is really important for the body. It becomes really important if you use room heaters as the loss of water increases in these situations and you need to combat that by taking in water. For that, keep on taking sips of water at frequent intervals. You need not take in a large amount of water at a time. It also helps your skin to glow.

4. Carrots- You can get good quality carrots in winter season easily. Eat them more often as they contain carotene which gets converted to Vitamin A that helps in maintaining good vision of eyes.

5. Citrus fruits- You get a really good amount of oranges in this season. Eat them to get Vitamin C that helps your skin heal faster and glow.

6. Ghee- Eat ghee, it improves immunity but you need to do exercise along with that for its proper utilization.

Let’s talk about health problems of winter-

* We get so many infections in this season- most common being the common cold.

How to prevent it?

Boil water put it in a container and take steam before sleeping. You can put a drop or two of a capsule like Karvol in it. Moreover, cold leads to loss of fluids so drink plenty of water.

* A headache is also very common these days.

How to prevent it?

Keep your head covered while going out. Moreover, the steam for preventing common cold also helps for headache as the steam prevents blocking of sinuses.

* One more common problem is of cough.

As I mentioned above, drinking milk can help you combat this problem if cough is due to dry throat.

This was about people who can take care of themselves but what about newborn babies?

They need special care. They need to be kept warm properly because they cannot maintain their body temperature of their own so easily. Moreover, they are more prone to catch infections.

So keep them covered with proper clothing and always touch them after warming your hands and check if their skin is warm or not.

With above mentioned tips, you can get through winters and enjoy them too.