Tips To Reduce Belly Fat


Everyone wants to stay fit and healthy. Also, to maintain proper bodily health is the need of the hour. I am saying so because these days, due to increase in sedentary lifestyle, people are more prone to obesity related co-morbidities. As awareness is also increasing, tendency to lose weight and to do exercises or dietary measures have become part of many people’s life.

tips to reduce belly fat daily bees

But the main problem everyone faces is the stubborn nature of the belly fat! So hard to lose! Moreover, if we do exercise, then fatty acids are utilized by the body only after 10-15 minutes of exercise. So people who tend to do exercise for a short period of time are having lesser chance of losing fat!

So what should you include in and exclude from your regular routine? Let’s discuss!


The most basic and long term beneficial thing is walking! But when to do it and for how long? After having your meals, do not lie down! Never lie in bed at least for 1 hour post-meals! Rather have a walk as it improves digestion! Good for health as well as helps to get rid of fat e.g. belly fat. Duration should be at least 15 minutes and gradually you can increase it to 30 minutes.

tips to reduce belly fat daily bees

Green Tea

Including green tea in your diet is always a god decision. Not only it reduces belly fat, but also increases the fat burn during exercise according to research. Further, it is an antioxidant which detoxifies various toxins in the body adding on the benefit. It also reduces the risk of diseases. Isn’t that cool?

The above two are the easiest and must to include in your routine if you want better results for long term!

tips to reduce belly fat with green tea daily bees

Belly Exercise

Other important but little difficult task you can do is belly exercise in the form of cross body mountain climbers It is recommended by many fitness programs and is known to tone the belly and reduce the belly fat. So if you can include this too then it would add on to your results and you can have your dream belly! Now what to exclude?


If you are focusing on reducing belly fat, then dieting or skipping meals regularly is not a good idea. Why? Because when your stomach is hungry, there is a release of hormone known as Ghrelin which in turn mobilizes the fat to belly! So if you want to lose belly fat, eat every 2 hours. So what should you eat? Obviously, not junk food!

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Exclude Junk Food

Exclude the high caloric junk food from the diet and have a healthy and balanced diet! You can have salads, fruits and food preferably vegetarian as the non-vegetarian diet tends to metabolize slower because our gut is made according to vegetarian diet so it gets absorbed better and metabolized faster!

tips to reduce belly fat - exclude junk food daily bees

With above simple and easy to include in your routine steps, you can lose your belly fat and if you continue to follow them, you don’t get it in future!