Happy Teachers’ Day : Heartfelt thanks to the torchbearers who enlighten our lives.


Teacher’s Day

Teachers required no explanation for their effectiveness and significance in the lives of students. They are lighthouses which enlighten the minds of learners not only in academic fields but also in social and internal progress. In India every year on 5th September on the Birthday Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan the second President of Independent India Teachers Day is celebrated. To emphasize the importance of teachers in building nation builders who can change the upcoming future of the country, this day is observed with great enthusiasm. Teachers play a pivotal role in making this society a community of civilized and sensitive people who can help each other in time of need. In our Holy Books Guru reserves first place before God who can guide humans to cover a way until True salvation from all falseness.

About Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan

This name does not require any introduction because He is actually known as an Example of One respected and prestigious teacher who has great influence on his disciples. He was highly honorable among His students as well as quite an important person in the history of India who played a key role in many significant decisions during his tenure as Indian President. One day His students asked him for permission to celebrate his birthday in an auspicious manner. Then told them that he will be proud that this day will be observed as Teachers Day to honor all the teachers of the world. Afterwards, this day became quite Important for students to show gratitude towards their teachers. This day was firstly observed in 1962 on 5th September. This day has also been celebrated worldwide from 1994 by UNESCO to honor the status and accomplishment.

Role of teacher

Teacher acts as a ladder to switch into the real phase of life from a lovely and affectionate journey in the family. Tutors teach us about how to speak, act, interact and deal with people in social life. The norms of society and social life are also taught by them so that everyone can adjust into the sphere of their cultural life. Teachers are torchbearers to aware every learner about the obstacles in ways of life. Teachers are the best guide to imbibe the best manners and lessons of life in every student’s mindset. Teachers are like friends, parents, caretakers, and masters of those skills which we cannot learn in the boundaries of our house. Teachers are makers of good humans first, no doubt they make us able to grab significant opportunities in life. They are indeed polymaths of all tough questions of life because of their experience and they never hesitate to share it with their tutees. It is written in our spiritual books that nobody can write or sing in the praise of Guru or teacher because their work and guidance for humanity is priceless.  However, some thinkers have tried it.

As in the words of Albert Einstein ,”It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge”.

There is no doubt that it is the art of teaching by teachers to make toughest lessons the simplest one.

Celebration of the day

Educational institutions play a vital role in honouring these true guides on this day. The students of these organizations arrange all the activities to show their gratitude towards their mentors. In schools, colleges and universities a number of events are organized and the teachers are honoured by their administration as well as students to mark their ability and place in shaping the society into the best one. Students plan to give gifts and other presents to their teachers to thank them for their help and support in academics as well as in life. Learners give speech to signify the roles of tutors in human lives.

There are numerous examples of such incidents in every person’s life when we get out of a problem or escape from such a situation due to the guidance of our teachers. So we all have some good habits and skills in life as we had the best teachers to teach us. Let’s give a heartfelt thanks to our teachers on this teacher’s day.