Happy Teacher’s Day 2020: How It Is Celebrated, Importance & Their Contribution To The Society


On 5th September, Dr. Sarvepalli Radha Krishnan’s birthday is celebrated as Teacher’s Day every year. This day is considered to honour the value, significance and need of the teacher in society.

Teacher’s importance in life

The social life of human beings starts with the family. After that school is the place where one makes new acquaintance with others. Here the child meets with one guide teacher who makes his life civilized, teaches him about the life and ways of living it in good manner. Teacher is the immense store of knowledge for students who can curve consciousness and cognition on the plain mind of learners. We are dependent on our teachers as well as are under their debt of vast awareness they instill in our minds.

Teacher’s Contribution towards the building of nation

The Teacher prepares the children for future

Teachers are known as nation builders because they imprint the impressive knowledge on the simple mindsets of the pupils. When a child firstly comes into the contact of the teacher, at that point, the real development of the brain of the child begins at that very moment. After that every sort of knowledge is fed to the conscience of the students by the teachers. This way, it leads to the formation of aware, knowledgeable and skilled youth of the nation which will become building block of the country.

The origin of Knowledge starts from Teacher

The school is the place where the information and facts are gained by little ones from the source of information the tutor, teacher or guide. This grey matter of offsprings is sharpened by the broad consciousness of teachers. Teacher teaches the children in different ways by which the facts of education can be attained by the learners easily. The teachers does self evaluation timely to improve his way of command so that his disciples can get the best out of him. Teacher acts like a candle for his students and burns itself to enlighten the path of them for leading life as better citizen and human being.

Teacher is creator of Professionals

No doubt in this saying that we all are the products of the teachers’ hard work and deep knowledge which they shower on us to make us able to be the part of educated and developed sections of the society. When we were students, we had never thought that one of us will be teacher, doctor, engineer, astronaut or any other professional but that foundation of knowledge which was laid by the teacher in our childhood and continuous improvement in it by the timely tutors who had joined us in our journey to get success and made it possible has made wonders and we are here where one professional class is adhered by us. The contribution of the teachers is highly payable in it.

Commercial education along with moral values

In modern times, we need education which can enable to earn our livelihood easily and settle our life. So with the passage of time, education’s purpose is considerably moved towards the commercialism and pupils are getting professional credentials which is necessary to be financially independent. But in this race of development the teacher never forgets to make his learners good human beings. Teachers always guide their students about the good values of life because they know that without values and good traits of personality, no one can flourish in life. So they instill good lessons of life in them so that they can lead the path of success with righteousness.

Teachers are Connoisseur of the skills of Students

It is truth that every child is born with some particular sparks or talents which are hidden in the beginning of the life. As the child joins the school the special qualities of the child are assessed by the teachers. They also provide them opportunity to polish their skills. In this meantime they guide and motivate them to get the heights in their respective fields. Therefore teachers play vital role in carving the personality and skills of the students.

Teachers are Mentors for learners

Teachers are not only the tutors for the learners but also their role models. As teacher is the first person in the life of children who visualize them about the outside world and educate them to be part of it. Teacher’s appearance before learners is always somewhat extraordinary which is always desirable and appreciable for them. Teachers creates atmosphere for learning by telling stories, facts and sometimes their own life experiences which are really interesting for pupils and motivational for them to succeed in the race of life.

While playing all these roles for their students, teachers are the best friends of them. As they always guide their pupils in the way that the bond of friendship is formed between both and which becomes really helpful for them while teaching and learning. Teachers are lifetime advisors for students. Their whole life is considered to be the learning book for pupils. As Sarvepalli Radha Krishnan has shared immense store of knowledge with his students, worked at various destinations for the welfare and betterment of India as well as Indian society so this teacher’s day celebration is entirely focused on rewarding the tireless efforts of the teachers who are putting uncountable initiatives to make teaching and learning valuable so that it can direct the youth of the nation towards the path of progress and virtue.

How to celebrate the Teacher’s Day

Everybody knows that this day is dedicated to the hard-work and presence of teachers in our life. So to value their efforts, we should pay them gratitude in forms of various activities. In educational institutions, this day is celebrated by honouring the teachers by their pupils. The teachers are rewarded with various awards as well as many surprises are planned by the students for teachers. In 2020 as pandemic has changed the living style so we should also change the way of celebration for this day. Just buy some beautiful cards from the market or make them by yourself and send it your teachers. Apart from this we are living in digital era so make some beautiful cards online and wish your teachers Happy Teacher’s Day.

So always respect your teachers in life. We should follow the previous practices for this because in the past times, everything who was teaching us something is considered to be revered whether it is the stone in the footway. So the tutors who are giving us knowledge about any particular field or guidance of life, they are always respectable for us. They are the artists of giving us something new and further making us able to invent something new.

Writing Credits – Mandeep Kaur