World Sight Day 2020: Theme, Significance, Vision


Human body is one of the most complex machine one has ever seen. It has multiple organ system and senses. The most sensitive organ are eyes which are among the five senses human body consists. Eyes are considered as one of the most delicate organ in human body. These eyes help us to enjoy this beautiful and colorful creation of God.

From the VIBGYOR of rainbow to beautiful hills, everything which can be seen with this small organ is just fantabulous. Eyes are one of the most important organ to live this life and taking care of them is our prime responsibility.

Life Without Vision

As we all know the importance of eyes and their contribution in our daily life, without them, our life would be just black. Some people are born without eyesight and some lost their eyes in an unfortunate accident.

So take out one minute from our busy schedule and think about those people who do not have eyes who miserable their life would be. They can not go anywhere alone. They depend on others when they have to go anywhere. The most disturbing thing is they can’t admire nature’s beauty. Think about them how can handle their daily life chores. They face many types of problems.

What can we do for blind people?

We have responsibility towards them. They are part of our social life. Our social responsibilities towards them is about their care and ease their daily life problems. We can do several deeds for their welfare. But what can we do for them and how?

The biggest help is by boosting up their confidence and courage and make a positive persona towards life. We can boost them up by giving them advice what they can do. There are many blind schools in many countries in which blind people are taught how to earn livelihoods like how to make different different types of candles in different shapes which are sold out in national festivals of those countries. We should encourage these people by buying their products. In many schools, children are taught art and their creative minds are explored. Braille script which is very important for blinds is also taught. The amazing thing is Braille script was invented by Louis Braille who was also a blind.

The most amazing deed we can do for these people is by donating our eyes after death to these needy ones. Eyes Donation is always considered as a great deed because It gives the “Hope of vision” to blinds and definitely it is one of the greatest deed in the world.

What’s World Sight Day is about?

The target is to reduce the preventable blindness because of various reasons like refractive error, cataract, etc. Many people can get their vision back if they are treated properly. So let’s aware the masses about the regular checkup of eyes and about the various programs of the government under which some things are free for the people.

Importance of World Sight Day

World Sight Day is a day long event intended to bring global attention to blindness and vision impairment. World sight day is celebrated on second Thursday of October month every year to raise  awareness about health issues related to eyes.

This day is an effort to draw attention of public as well as governing bodies about sufferings of those who experience sight disorders and vision impairment.

Every year this day is celebrated with different themes. This year the theme is ” Hope In Sight ” emphasising the need to create a world where everyone has access to sight everywhere.

Various NGO’s step forward to aid people with vision impairment.

Innovation In technology that can cure eye related disorders, advanced surgeries, Hightech materials for eyecare are areas that need funding and implementation.

Government should provide regular eye check up campaigns. Creating awareness about remedies to prevent major disorders as  prevention is better than cure. Encouragement of  Eye Donation to facilitate patients requiring corneal transplantation is a big step for Hope In Sight.


After reading all this, you must have concluded that how miserable the life is for the people who don’t have eyes. We should thank to the God for giving us everything means everything perfect. We can read, we can talk, we can walk, we can admire the beauty of the nature. What else we can expect after having so much privileges. We should not complain to the God for the things we don’t have but we should thank him for all the things and senses he has given to us. Take care of your eyes, realize their importance and use them wisely. Before going to bed, thank your body for everything it does for you. And yes your eyes are really one of the best things happened to your body.