International Girls Day – A Girl is Whole by All Means.. Not a Toy by Any Means

Are we really a developed or a Developing Nation? Or is it that we’re just developed in technology and other fields only, while our mental status is still the same regarding the girls and women of our society? And even today not every baby girl in the womb makes it to birth. Some girls who make it to birth, are then sold as serf, trafficked or married off before they even know the real significance of childhood. This isn’t a scenario of the past, but unfortunately is still happening today. In a country where we have made so much progress, where women are business owners, actresses, CEO’s, lawyers, doctors, scientist, engineers, pilots – where we now are leaders, this oppression is still happening.
 let girls shine like a beautiful moon - Daily Bees
A small poem dedicated to all the girl child’s.
Or may be the child like Asifa or Nirbhaya.. Though Nirbhaya was not a child but she was a Girl too.
The Girl Child
Is it a crime to be a girl?
Is it a crime to be a she?
Is it a crime to be a daughter?
Is it a crime to be a female?
Is it a crime to be a wife?
Is it a crime to be a woman?
Is it a crime to be a mother?
Ooh The Girl Child!
These questions just keep popping up in my mind. Like really.
Is it a crime?
What a world,
What a world we live in,
What a fake world we live in!
A world that feels the girl child has to depend on the male.
A world that still gives the girl’s childhood to marriage.
A world that feels the girl child is supposed to stay home and do what, only chores?
The Girl Child
The girl child is prone to rape
The girl child has to be security conscious
The girl child is being molested
The girl child is being abused
The girl child is being HARASSED
She is being SILENCED
She cannot say it because none would believe her,
She cannot say it because the world would put the blame on her.
The Girl Child!
It became a wound of the heart
It became a wound she has to nurse all by herself
She has been a strong girl all her life.
Have you ever sat the girl child down to have a conversation with her?
Meen, she has something to say!
The Girl child
Now, every Girl child repeat after me
I am ……………………
I am a Girl child
I have a dream
I have a voice
I have a FUTURE
I am a Girl of Dignity
I am a lady of Radiance
I am a woman of virtue