Mega Eye Camp: A Remarkable Journey of Selfless Spirit


It’s a chilly winter and temperatures are going lower than ever. Packed in the quilt like a fur ball, dreading the idea of getting up even if its to pee, the only motivation that gets people out of the bed in this freezing weather is either some unavoidable work or a lip smacking snack. Its common for people to be all lazy and gulp down tea or coffee just like addicts, to stay busy in their own schedules and their own life. Cabs, metros, autos, motos, the fast life of cities where everyone is one the go. This is common. This is what you generally hear about.
Free Eye Camp - Dera Sacha Sauda - Daily Bees
Now what is uncommon for people? To get up early in the morning, to leave for far off places, to places where no public conveyance reaches, to identify the destitute in such places and bring them to a place that makes them feel like home.

Not just that, for the specialist and super specialist surgeons to come together, to serve the destitute patients absolutely free of cost, to actually do justice to their profession and to not make business out of it.

Moreover, for the youngsters to take out time for serving the needy, to spend entire days at a hospital, to aid the commonly called as ‘rigid moody elderly’ people.

I’m not talking of some utopian world that only exists in imagination, I’m talking about the ‘Yaad-E-Murshid’ Free Eye Checkup Camp held for 27th consecutive time at Shah Satnam Ji Specialty Hospital, Sirsa, Haryana. The annual camp is organised by Dera Sacha Sauda in remembrance of Revered Saint Param Pita Shah Satnam Singh Ji Maharaj, the second spiritual master of the sect from December 12th to 14th. The disciples of Dera Sacha Sauda volunteer to serve and bring in large numbers of patients for the camp, and hence the camp extends to December 15th or 16th according to the need.

free eye camp at dss - Daily Bees

A total of 4899 candidates were registered for the free eye checkup and screening this year, out of which, 45 operations have been conducted so far. Teams of specialist and super specialist doctors and paramedical staff operate on the patients shortlisted after screening. The volunteers provide selfless service to the patients with great spirit and enthusiasm, by doing post operational care, administrative tasks and registrations of patients. 17 Specialist Eye surgeons are giving their noble services in carrying out the free eye surgeries of screened patients. The disciplined and peaceful ambiance of the camp enabled quick screening of large number of patients.

Isn’t this all eccentric in itself? This will definitely leave you wondering about who’s the driving force behind all this welfare work! The third and present spiritual master of Dera Sacha Sauda – Revered Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan is the epitome of compassion and generosity, who instills this spirit in over 65 million people spread all across the world. The hard work and contribution of the teams in the Free Eye Checkup Camp is a testimony of the spirit of humanity and their firm faith. Not only this, but Guruji leads 133 humanitarian welfare works to which millions of the disciples contribute.

Salute to the spiritual leader, and salute to the volunteers who actually have a vision for life beyond themselves!