The Mighty ISRO – One More Feather In The Hat

India’s heaviest Communication satellite GSAT-11 launched successfully from French New Guiana.
The worldwide readers who keep their eyes on the science & technology field are once again being given a chance to look towards India’s recently launched GSAT-11. The experts are rating it as one of the biggest leaps by ISRO-The Indian Space Research Organisation. The Satellite Name GSAT-11 was launched on early morning 2:10 am IST, 5th December from the Ariane launch complex in Kourou, one of the French territories which are located along the northeastern coast of South America. The entire launch event was telecast live on Indian State-run channel Doordarshan.
GSAT-11 launch pic 01

The sole motive of GSAT-11 is to boost the broadband services by hitting approx 16 Gbps Data Link Services to the nation. (or Maybe a wider base in future).

ISRO briefed about its new venture by quoting it as one the mammoth & advanced ever communication satellite ever made by India, which weighs 5854 kilograms, it is said to be a cycle life of 15 years or even beyond that.

ISRO says that post 30 minutes flight GSAT-11 shall separate from the Ariane 5 upper stage to take place In Geosynchronous transfer orbit. The achieved Orbit is very close to the intended one. GSAT-11 has total 38 beams along with 8 sub-beams, capable of covering the entire nation( even the neighbourhood countries too), wider reach to remote locations. It is going to make broadband network reach accessibility to most untapped rural sectors too. Improvement in existing sectors with better services. It will prove way to Handy in creating a new platform to demonstrate new applications. An initial position of the GSAT-11 shall be Geosynchronous Orbit & later on to Geostationary Orbit by firing the on-board Liquid Apogee motor.

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Over the period of last 3 weeks, ISRO successfully accomplished 3 satellites & 2 launch missions. Which makes ISRO stand taller in the industry of Space Launch. Unarguably the few last years of ISRO are making it feel proud of all its achievements. The young brigade of Scientists & researchers is working hard & smart to be at par with NASA.

Even we can pat our back for all latest achievements of ISRO by saying.. Neighbors Envy, Owners Proud !!