Cancer is one of the dangerous diseases in present times, fighting which requires a lot of efforts and difficulties. With the advancement of science & technology, treatment of cancer have also been more advanced, however, but still lakhs of people are dying due to lack of suitable treatment. In India, National Cancer Awareness Day is recognised on 7 November . The day calls for attention to the significance of rapid awareness about cancer prevention and detection at early stage.


  • History behind the cancer awareness day
  • Significance of the cancer awareness Day
  • Why to recognize the cancer awareness day ?
  • Tips for self prevention of cancer
  • Conclusion

HISTORY BEHIND the cancer awareness day –

In India firstly, National Cancer Awareness Day was recognized by the Indian Union Minister for Health and Family Welfare Dr. Harsh Vardhan in 2014. He highlights, 7th November will be observed as National Cancer Awareness Day annually to generate awareness among the society for early detection about its severe effects.

The National Cancer Awareness Day is observed on 7th November as this day is the birth anniversary of the great scientist Madame Curie. She was born in Warsaw, Poland in 1867 and remembered for her discovery of radium and polonium. She has a huge contribution to the fight against disease like cancer. Her efforts led to the development in advanced techniques for the treatment of cancer like radiotherapy.

SIGNIFICANCE OF THE cancer awareness DAY-

Everyone knows about the deadliest disease like cancer. Still there are masses who are unaware. Diagnosis at early stage helps to get cured.

In India, approximately 1 million new cases are being reported every year. Various programs have been initiated for the rapid research work on the fast prevention and early detection of cancer. In India, for better cancer treatment facilities in the country, the National Cancer Control Programme was initiated in 1975.

This day is observed annually with an aim to line up realization about early spotting of cancerous disease, and cancer prevention.


Day by day, uncountable deaths are recorded in world due to cancer. It’s time to take suitable measures to maintain a healthy world. It has been reported that, a woman dies due to cervical cancer in every 8 minutes in India. This is too dangerous and women living in rural or distant areas are still unaware about the ill effects of these diseases.

50% people are unable to know about the cancerous symptoms at early stages to due lack of awareness about health. So many cases of cancer are detected at late stage.

One of the major factor causing cancer is Tobacoo. It causes numerous types of cancer in various parts of body like mouth cancer, lung cancer, intestinal cancer, liver cancer, blood cancer and many more. After the heart disease, cancer has become the dangerous and responsible for uncountable deaths.

Due to lack of attention, illiteracy and fear, this disease is spreading with much faster speed. To save people from its harmful effects, this Day has given importance.  It’s important to raise and spread awareness among every section of society.


This day is all about generating awareness about early detection of cancer and avoiding leading cancer-causing lifestyles. These are a lot of factors for the cause of this disease like poor diet, alcohol and drug consumption, tobacoo usage etc. At early stage, we can control it by following some simple and effective tips:

  • Very first go for cancer screening. In every 6 month full body checkup is better for the early detection of various diseases and consult about it to your doctor.
  • Avoid consuming tobacco as it is the biggest source of causing cancer and root of many diseases.
  • Maintain your optimal weight as per your age and body structure. As obesity also leads to cancer.
  • One must have to follow a healthy and nutritional diet. Be vegetarian throughout life, as it is rich in dietary fiber and rich in essential elements required for the healthy functioning of body. It reduces the risk of intestinal and mouth cancer.
  • Meditation when practiced with Yoga and Pranayama on daily basis gives a magical effect to stay away from diseases. It boosts our immunity and makes us physically and mentally strong to fight against any of the diseases.
  • Stay away from the polluting environment to keep away from the chances of lung cancer.
    Keep updating your family and friends about the early detection of this alarming disease.

Try to get detected at early stage if you are suffering, so can be cured. Various online platforms gives information for early prevention of cancer, we can also refers to that.

By following some simple methods , we can stay healthy and happy forever.


Cancer has become an alarming disease in present time in whole world. One single person’s contribution can’t be sufficient to overcome this disease. It’s duty of whole society and world to get awared and also spread awareness in the deeper sections of society to get cured at early stage of cancer so that people can easily able to know the symptoms of it.

Fight this cancerous disease with hope and beat it !

Writing credits – Jyoti Gautam