Ajay Devgan Starrer Film- Thank God | Movie Review


Thank God| Movie Review

I have heard about the life after death and the court of Yamlok in many religious stories. Today Thank God, a comedy based fantasy movie directed by Indra Kumar, is making us visualise this experience before death. The writer of the film,Aakash Kaushik Madhur Sharma has given a great plot story in the movie which is quite entertaining for the audience. The Star cast of the movie Ajay Devgan, Sidhartha Malhotra and Rakulpreet Singh played their roles quite well. Released on 25th October, Thank God movie is good entertainment for viewers with some funny elements.


Plot of Movie
The plot of the story revolves around the two versoy of life of Ayaan Kapoor(Sidharath Malhotra). During his first phase of life he is picturized as one greedy person who wants to collect more and more black money. Ayaan Kapoor is an egocentric real estate agent who invested in many unfair projects to earn money. He was doing well in his business but sudden demonetisation changed everything. The all ongoing deals diverted onto the wrong way and he was indebted in lakhs of money. As per the nature of Ayaan, he started throwing his own frustration on his family members. At last he became a broker and he thought of selling his own house to cover his debts. Then one unexpected journey started in Ayaan’s life after his road accident. In worldly terms he died but in paranormal terms he was stuck between death and life. He reached Yamlok where he met Chitragupta and Yama who told him about the present state of life. He was asked to play a Game of Life to return back to earth. He was told about the white and black balls of audience response to the flashback of his life. If the audience gave him more white balls then he could go back to earth but unfortunately he got more black balls. How he can get his life back is the crux of the movie.

Performance at Box Office
As per the budget of the movie the expected business is still awaited but the movie has got good response in the first week. The movie earned more than 41 crores in one week. The estimated box office collection is 60-70 crores. However, the movie is still going on and there are a number of shows that will be shown on many screens around the world. There is one show in my area in Rushden cinema. I am going to enjoy my day off there.