URI – The Surgical Strike Movie Review


A movie to glorify the brave act of Indian Defence Forces. Yes you read it right, why glorify? Because when Indian Armed forces did the surgical strike in Pakistan occupied Kashmir, the act was questioned and proves being asked by certain political parties. And let me tell you, the dear readers this not the first movie on the Surgical Strike yes this is second one, as already a Movie being made in past by Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh & The name of the movie was Hind Ka NaPak Ko Jawab.

Hind ka NaPak ko Jawab Daily Bees

Similarities between the two movies are the original theme and the motive is to salute the courage of the brave Armed forces of the Nation. Both movies kicks starts with a strike at Indo-Myanmar border. And the main dialogue in both the movies is – HUMARI JUNG PAKISTAN SE NAHI AANTAKWAAD SE HAI, means our fight is against terrorism not against Pakistan.

Well moving on the URI – The Surgical Strike, it is a well crafted piece of movie making. An in depth research gone into the film. Detailing is nailed in all areas, costumes in particular the way the Ranks being shown on Forces Uniform, the weapons and the working pattern all are aligned up to the core.The role of Ministers and mechanism of the bureaucracy, NSA, DRDO all are worth praising, no doubt why this movie was called Hyper Nationalism Act.But it fills audience with high spirits.As the War Cry -How is the JOSH Commanders – High Sir, takes one to feel the spirit and courage of forces.

Music is catchy too, though only 2 songs.Title song Chhalla is energetic and I am sure will be Anthem soon in Republic days functions to discs and another one Beh Chala is a melody number again showcases the moods of a Army man life.The Background music is well crafted as per movie theme.

This one is going to be in line of the all time war hit movies alike of Haqeeqat, Humsaya, Hindustan ki Kasam , lalkaar , Vijeta, Aakrmaan and Border.

And once again proved if the story is real and scripted rightly, movie can mint success without Mega Stars too, as Vicky Kaushal in lead role is not all that big star yet, but after this movie his ranks are going to be higher in Bollywood. Paresh Rawal was as usual in his role as he goes in skin of the roles easily, he played the role of NSA chief.All other star cast played superbly.

Mind my words this movie will make one feel proud on the Defence System and to feel the Josh in being Indian.