Career Opportunities and SAP Certification

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Career Opportunities and SAP Certification

In this technological era, gathering information for increasing competition has become a goal for many. In this hustle and bustle of life, coping up economically is not an easy task. Money helps you not only survive but also lead a comfortable life and hence there are diverse career paths being explored by people worldwide.

One such career opportunity which can help you reach new heights is ‘SAP Certification’. What is “SAP”? SAP refers to Systems Applications and Products. It was founded by five IBM employees with an aim to provide customers a comprehensive application range to interact upon a common database. With more findings and developments, subsequently more features and offerings for the customers were added on SAP.

SAP is divided into two courses; one is based on its functionalities and other on technicalities. The eligibility of the course depends upon particular course and skills that a person possesses. Professionals acquainted with SAP are in demand at the global level. As the benefits increase, the level of hard work required is high too. Implementation of SAP requires adequate knowledge and experience.

So, if you are interested to work abroad, in that case also it will prove to be a good option. It won’t be wrong to say that SAP certification can help a person attain new heights in career along with a good reputation.

SAP certification offers you the following benefits:

-Global recognition

-Experience in varied modules

-Advances your SAP Skills

-Improves your performance

SAP offers a total of 28 modules, out of which some are discussed below which can give a leap to your career and can help you secure decent designations depending upon the size and structure of the organization you join:

FICO Module: This module is basically for finance personnel. After having certification in this module, a person can become a project leader, process developer, SAP FICO consultant, SAP FI Consultant, SAP CO Consultant, costing manager etc.

Payroll Module: As the name suggests, it is helpful for payroll team and can give you designation as HR Executive, Payroll manager, SAP HCM consultant etc.

CRM module: This module is for the Customer relationship management team. You can become a project manager, Software engineer, SAP trainer, SAP SD functional consultant, CRM manager, CRM functional consultant etc.

MM Module: MM stands for material management. After completing this course you can hold a position as a SAP procurement specialist, purchase executive, Sap MM Functional consultant, Team leader, Manage for material management etc.

QM Module: Here, QM stands for quality management. After the certification under this module, you can hold the designation of an advisory consultant, Manager, Software engineer, Application consultant, Sap PP QM consultant etc.

SD module: SD is for sales and distribution. It can help you attain a position of a SAP SD Financial consultant, Project manager, team leader, senior designer etc.

Other Jobs: Not only these, you can get jobs like Sales manager, ABAP developer, Implementation Consultant, Solution development consultant, business process analyst etc.

The world is full of opportunities. All we need is to be well prepared and acquainted with the know how before stepping into any new area.

SAP Time Management is one of the modules under SAP HR Management to look into.

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