Superstition – An Irrational Practice


What is Superstition?

Superstition is a belief in supernatural powers which leads to good luck or bad luck. It is a practice which is completely based on beliefs but science believes it as unreal, impossible and if someone performs then considers it as irrational.  Now the question arises those who believe does it works for them? The answer is those who believe, it completely affects their mind and thereby their behavior too and they think it as working.


Supernatural Powers work and like positivity negativity too exists. This positivity takes us a step towards spirituality which is described in our religion and the negative one takes towards superstitions. While doing black magic which is also a part of superstition, people forget that they are performing sins with their inhumane behavior. Doing something which makes our lives better is good but making else’s life hell for own happiness can never give anyone inner peace. And you will see, mostly the illiterate ones believe and do such acts.super natural powers Daily Bees

If we go towards spirituality and read our religious books, they divert us from superstitious activities to meditation and hard work. Religions say if your intention is good then you will achieve success. Just stay calm, relax your mind and think once after reading these examples. I’m going to describe what our negative mind says and what spirituality teaches!

predication daily bees


Some people do their important work after deciding about days. Same say Wednesday is a good day “budh kaam shudh” i.e Wednesday is the holiest day but some are against this perception and say “budh lagave yudh” i.e. Wednesday leads to wars. Similar perceptions exist for other days too. And some consider number 13 as unlucky.

As I said before, our religions teach if the intention is Good, God will surely accept your hard word and will bless you with the best result in every work done.

Some believe that Black cats are unlucky and especially when a cat crosses their way.

Have you ever crossed cat’s way? Just as we are living on this earth, animals also have equal right to live. So, this is not at all related to luck.

why is friday the 13th unlucky daily bees

Some believe that left eye twitching is unlucky for men and the right one is unlucky for women.

The scientific reason behind that is every Body part twitches but we are not able to feel it. But Eyes being the most sensitive organ makes us feel it. And in some medical cases, twitching is the symbol that our organs are working in normal condition.

At some places, widows are considered as bad luck.

Don’t you think then widower should be given same punishments as widows get! Now here what I want to say is, everyone should be treated equal and unfortunate things can happen to anyone.

Hope you will like the article and you will not engage in such kind of activities which is just an add-on to sins.