Delhi Legislative Assembly Elections 2020 Results

Delhi Elections have always caught the nation’s eye! Today, the mega fight of Delhi Assembly Election was finally won by Arvind Kejriwal, who is leading Aam Aadmi Party. This win by the party with the broom sign is for the 3rd time in a row and puts forth many unanswered questions wide open.

Major Win in Delhi Elections

As anticipated since the announcement of Delhi assembly polls, the results are in favour of ruling party – the Aam Aadmi Party. In fact, since General elections of 2019, post BJP’s win in centre, the Aam Aadmi Party made strategies to play the ground game and was well prepared since then. As they gave a slogan -Kendra Mein Modi, Delhi mein toh Kejriwal.
Moreover, the try of the Congress to win elections against AAP is also in question post final results today as majority of Congress candidates failed to save their guarantee too and got less then 5000 in almost all of their seats and made a smooth way for AAP to win the final race.

Number of Seats Won by Competing Parties

The ABC stats of Delhi Poll Results is 62, 8 and 0 respectively by AAP, BJP and Congress. If compared to Delhi elections of 2015, BJP gained 4 seats and loss of 4 seats to AAP which is not much dent to a ruling side.

This election was a muscle flexing one in lot of terms. And of course, BJP put the entire weight behind its candidates and held on not to declare a CM candidate against Kejriwal.

The ruling party managed it well to market their on ground tasks, as they did decent enough work and then highlighted it in an over the board way.

200 units of free electricity plus free bus rides to women played a make up bounty for Aam Aadmi Party. The Mohalla clinics are being propagated well along the schools. The opposition failed to get the highlight, the real time picture of all these works and missed the chance to make it big.

Competition Between BJP and Congress

Let’s talk about the competition from BJP and Congress. On first sight, it seemed that Congress was never in mood to fight this election with full heart as no massive election campaigns were being done by their top cadre leaders. Now let’s count in what went wrong with BJP this time. No clarity of thoughts by local Delhi BJP leadership and last moment jumping on the back of National leadership. The aggressive campaigns by Amit Shah along with Yogi Adityanath even failed to do wonders in favour of BJP, as at last, they tried their best to highlight the issue of Anti CAA protest by Shaheen Bagh agitation.

The Delhi election says a lot about the mix up of emotions of public of national capital as no set formula is coming up as a winning shot.

Post Election Hopes of Public

Many allegations and speculations were made during election campaigns. But one of the major concerns that arise post results is whether Kejriwal will work silently now or shall again confront with Centre Government. As he has a long way to go now and to keep his promises up, to keep the hopes of public alive to make Delhi a world class city. As Kejriwal made a history by making hat trick, the youth of Delhi looks up to him to get their dreams fulfilled.

A brand new term to existing government will be a litmus test in days to come to prove it’s worth.