Election & Devotion: A Wave of National Revolution


This is not another article by a Modi Bhakt or RaGa fan. This is a plain expression of personal views about leadership and religion. Read on if you please…

It’s that time of the five years again, when the newspapers, news channels, radio stations and social media are all throwing opinions about the Lok Sabha elections. Everyone is telling one another about their personal choice, about who is the most suitable leader, that you should exercise your right to vote and play an active role in choosing the leader of the nation.

Rightly said, every one has the right to choose their leader. No one likes to be imposed on with any thing. But, like me, do you find yourself wondering who is a leader? Do the leaders necessarily need to belong to the politics? Don’t we, as a nation, end up voting for a political party, and are least interested in who’s the person we’re voting for?

devotion daily beesIndia has come a long way since it’s first general elections in 1951-52. The nation grew, faced challenges and became what it is today. But evidently, our population is growing at a faster pace than our development. Today, we need efficient, accountable and healthy leadership, which brings about a wave of revolution across the country, and actually gives results than just promising manifestos.

Luckily enough, India has also been a land of faith, religions and devotion. Whenever in dilemma, we have our value system to explore and find answers. A system that has all the possibilities laid down on paper by the enlightened sages and saints, ages ago, with a marvelous foresight of the current scenario. A system which is highly adaptable and changes with the changing time. Today, we need to actually go back, explore and adopt those fundamental principles. But, where do you find those today?

Conincidentally enough (or I should say we are blessed enough), soon after Indian Independence, Revered Saint Shah Mastana Ji Maharaj laid the foundation of the confluence of all religions – Dera Sacha Sauda, on 29th April, 1948, which is a socio spiritual organization that helps people decipher the relevance of religions. Later, Shah Satnam ji Maharaj was appointed as the successor by Mastana ji Maharaj on 28th February, 1960. Thereafter, Shah Satnam ji handed it over to Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan on 23rd September, 1990, who is nourishing the seeds sown by Mastana ji since then.

The divine leadership of Dera Sacha Sauda has initiated 134 humanitarian welfare works which include cleanliness campaigns, tree plantation drives, rehabilitation camps and most importantly, providing free method of meditation to the masses, to find the goodness and divine within. Guruji not only guides people spiritually, but also in the worldly aspects. For example, Baba Ram Rahim appeals his followers to get affidavit, signed by the prospective leaders stating that they’ll uproot evils and rather do welfare works for the society, and only then appoint their political leader.

general elections daily beesDera Sacha Sauda being a family of a whopping 65 million and more is a major part of vote bank in the northern India and hence, all the parties have their eyes on the Dera followers. Probably that is the reason why the events where lakhs of people gather to celebrate Dera’s pious foundation day with their rituals of welfare, are considered to be golden chances for the election candidates to influence them.

Today, inner harmony is long lost. We seek changes in others, rather than changing our own self. So it has become imperative to unlearn the redundant, go back, and learn the fundamentals. Definitely, it is a time consuming process, and that is the reason enough to start right away!

So let us all become leaders of change, and keep our nation away from development and stability crisis.