In the Indian culture, month of October and November is full of festivals which are celebrated all around the country. Out of which one major festival is, which is celebrated on the tenth day of the Shukla Paksha of Ashwin month is commonly called as Dusshera or “Vijaydashmi”. Every festival marks the victory of goodness over evils. This festival has a massive celebration all around and it gives a very inspiring message to society. This fest includes a 10 day long celebration.

Table of contents :

  • Victory of good over evil.
  • One must always be on good side.
  • Shun your evils and sins this fest.
  • Real inspiration from Dusshera.
  • Conclusion.


Festival of Dusshera is celebrated on the great Victory of good over evil. It is celebrated with great vigor and festivities by the people. This festival describes the leela of Lord Rama who shun the evils from this world. As per the mythology, Ravana (the devil) kidnapped the wife of Shri Rama named Goddess Sita. Ravana being an egoistic person never thinks of to respectfully handover Goddess Sita to Rama. After waiting for the long time, Lord Rama killed the Ravana and with the end of his life, evils came to an end. So this day is remembered as the day of victory over evils and it’s a great inspiration for the world.

Every festival which is celebrated in world, it belongs to either religion, community, doesn’t matter. It always spread the message of positivity and an evil free world. Similar to this pattern, Ravana, who is commonly called the “Pandit” of all four Vedas and Shastras, having the greatest kingdom with numerous wealth and powers, got killed only of his egoistic nature. He has much ego of his powers, wealth and knowledge. Lord Rama gave him many chances to improve himself. Curtain of evils covered him badly and finally he got wrapped with all his sins and evils from this world.

Via this great victory of Shri Rama, we have to learn a huge lesson of goodness. So we always have to follow the path of kindness and virtue.
People all over the country celebrates the festive of Dusshera via great jauntiness. There is a great wave of enthusiasm and liveliness during this fest. 10 days before the festival, carnivals and fairs are organized all around the country and people enjoy them. The major part of this great celebration are ‘Ram leela’ and ‘Ravana Dehan’.

Ram leela is having great cultural significance in India. It’s a summary of Ramayana performed in various places with great enthusiasm. People from all ages like adults, kids, womans took part in this and performs the various scenes with different and intresting characters. Only purpose of this 10 day show is to enables the young generation to get updated with the aspects of their religion and spread the ethical & moral values of pious Avatars.

Ravana Dehan : On the 10th day, a number of effigy of Ravana are made along with his brother Kumbhkarana and his son Meghnada, in different parts of country. These models are the sign of devil Ravana believed to have ten heads symbolizing the evils. In the evening, huge crowd gathered to see this event and these effigies got fired which give a message that with the death of Ravana, evils also got eradicated from the society and hearts of people.


Dusshera is a festival spreading a huge positive message in society. If the festival is celebrated in the way of festival then it will be so good. It is the day of victory of the truth and good over lie and evil.

But in this modern times, people are giving wrong direction to celebrate the festival. Like on this day many people play gambling, drinks alcohols, to get addicted in drugs, eating flesh and doing wrong deeds which have a very negative impact on society. All these activites can be seen in the nature of Ravana and there is no such thing as Lord Shri Rama Ji.

If you really want to celebrate Dusshera in a righteous manner, do the cleaning in your home and streets as Lord Rama sweeps all the evils from this mortal world…as everyone knows that these are teachings of Shri Rama and it is also a part of removing dirt which harms our health.
But the one who become a gambler on this day, enjoy by taking drugs, eats the meat etc….we can easily decide that whether they follow devil Ravana or Lord Rama…!! Exactly they follows to Ravana, because these are the habits of a devil.
Just think of that in which direction you are going to celebrate the festival. As, it is a symbol of goodness but people leave it as a symbol of evil. Celebrate this day by enjoying with your family and take a pledge to do good deeds in your life. Try to help the needy people by donating blood, give food to a hungry, provide clothes, shelter to homeless, helping the physically challenged people or whatever good you can…! Take steps to remove intoxication, as neither religion supports it and declares it as a great sin. This is if you can do the deeds of Shri Ram ji.

Your celebration will be in a very unique way and gives you inner satisfaction and happiness. Don’t limit your festival upto burning crackers, making noisy enviroment etc. Spread the teachings of Lord Rama all around, as it is the need of present times.


Dussehra is celebrated with great fervour and joy all around. This festival also marks the beginning of preparation for Diwali, which occurs 20 days after it. On this festivals, try to adopt the teachings and nature of Lord Rama and be a good person. Shun all your vices in the fire of Ravana effigy and always steps to serve mankind selflessly.

Wishing you all a very Happy Dusshera…!

Writing credit-Jyoti Gautam