International Customs Day


International Customs Day (ICD) is celebrated on 26th of January every year by World Customs Organization. WCO, an organization formed in 1952 as an autonomous body to enhance customs administration all over the world. Its first commemoration was done in 1953 as its inaugural session. At that time only 17 countries attended the session & by today this number has been increased to 182 countries as its members, which is around 98% of the world trade. ICD is celebrated every year to commemorate this first official conference of Customs Cooperation Council (CCC). ICD is not an official holiday but this day is celebrated by different agencies in which they organize public events and educate the general public about their jobs & responsibilities.

To celebrate this day, WCO Secretariat chooses a topic as a theme for the day. A new & unique theme relating to customs is chosen every year to give a new message to the world. The day recognizes the role of customs officials and agencies in maintaining border security. The main focus of the event is on the working conditions & challenges that these officials face while doing their job. Last year theme was “Data Analysis for effective Border management.” WCO is dedicating this year 2018 to the security of business environment & thereby has set the theme for the year as “A secure business environment for economic development”. WCO plays a vital role in the development of global business & reduces the risks of international security.

The body regulates the better establishment of the business organizations. It helps in enhancing customs security & combating with dangers of fraudulent acts by promoting apparent custom environment policies. Every country celebrates it in different ways & excellent training & services are provided to the officers.

The objectives of its celebration are as follows.

Enhancement of effectiveness & efficiency of customs administration.
To help the custom administration to develop in a better way.
The accomplishment of their objectives at International level.
To improve the collection of Revenue & trade statistics.
The protection of community & National safety.

Current year theme of International Customs Day.

As discussed above, the current year is dedicated to “A secure business environment for economic development.”

Now-a-days people require a secured environment due to increasing frauds relating to technology. This safety becomes a need if we want to develop economically. One needs to know about every aspect be it positive or negative, to carry on any task in this technological era.

The objective of this theme can be accomplished only when one thinks practically about the prevailing circumstances. First, we need to think about the types of challenges & then experts give solution relating to those challenges so as to combat these situations by following some requisite steps.

WCO wants to establish better future of the nation by making people aware of safety & security in a better way. Therefore, every year it comes with a new theme to make the general public aware of the challenges & their respective solutions.