25th January – The Incarnation of Divine Power on Earth


”Let no man in the world live in delusion. Without a Guru, none can cross over to the other shore.” – Guru Nanak

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The universe is never deprived of perfect saints, gurus and spiritual guides. Scientists have found historical evidences supporting the fact that the world has enjoyed the divine bliss of virtuous and true saints, they have regularly incarnated on the earth through the benevolence of Almighty God.

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Who is a Guru?

A Saint or Guru is the one who helps to clear the weeds of ignorance, to blossom the buds into a flower. They are the true beacons of light, selflessly illuminating millions of lives. Gu means darkness & Ru means light. A Guru is true face of God, which reveals to us the secret that is hidden within the deepest cores of our hearts.

who is a real guru? Daily Bees

Why to Have a Guru?

Only an expert can train a beginner. If we take a fraction out of infinity, it still remains infinity. But, if we try to take out a part of an absolute figure, both of them become fractions. Likewise, a Guru has indefinite knowledge and experience of spirituality and can efficiently guide his disciples.

In our worldly life also, we need a good guide, a counselor, or a subject expert. Similarly, in the path of spirituality, one needs a spiritual guide or a saint because without their guidance, getting liberated from cycles of birth & death is not possible.

Why to Have a Guru? Daily Bees

Whenever divine power incarnates on Earth, it helps humanity and welfare soar to new heights. It possesses the divine capabilities and provides assistance to the masses. It frees people from grips of deepest remorse, wicked deeds, anger, lust, ego, greed, illusions, etc and also provides confidence to escape from all forms of evil thoughts. This eternal benevolence is continuing since the time immemorial. If life is an ocean, guru guides through. Every spiritual aspirant who is striving for liberation needs a guru as his or her charioteer in the battlefield of spiritual and worldly life.

Why Do Gurus Incarnate?

Why Do Gurus Incarnate? Daily Bees

True saints or gurus incarnate for the humanity to attain remarkable progress by doing social welfare, for every person to regard all religions, for all to toil hard for livelihood and for spiritual emancipation of souls through God’s words (method of meditation) which is given free of cost by them. A guru dedicates every moment of his life to noble causes. It is believed that “even the anger of saint or guru is blissful whereas, the affection of the materialistic world may be injurious”.

Why is 25th January So Special for Over 65 Million People?

DSS - Confluence of all Religions
Usually, 25th January is an ordinary day, but not for 65 million people across the world who collectively celebrate this day with great pomp & show. Who all are they? And why are they celebrating this day so enthusiastically?

Revered Shah Satnam Singh Ji

Actually, 25th January is the pious incarnation day of Revered Shah Satnam Singh Ji Maharaj, the second spiritual master of Dera Sacha Sauda, a confluence of all religions that propagates humanity. Shah Satnam Ji was an epitome of compassion and philanthropy since his childhood and always preached to respect every religion, to love everybody. His Holiness imparted humanity in people so that they begin their spiritual journey from a human to the Almighty God.

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“Everybody feels intoxicated by the divine glance, every particle of nature has glory & radiance”.

Whenever any divine power incarnates on earth, everybody feels attracted towards them. People get enchanted through their grand radiance because their very objective is the salvation of the souls. The divine destiny determines their incarnation.

On behalf of the entire Daily Bees team, I extend my greetings to everyone on the pious incarnation day of Revered Shah Satnam Ji Maharaj. Cordial Congratulations! 🙂