Hatred Stirs Up Conflict But Love Covers Over All Wrong – Special on Valentine’s Day

Till date I have written more than 50 Articles on various topics but till date when I search on Internet about exact definition of love, I really find it very hard topic to write about. I couldn’t find just one definition, then I realized that there can’t be a single definition for love. Everyone has their own definition about what love is & what it really means to them, but one thing is very sure we all are nothing without love. So let’s talk about it!

What is Love?

When you wait for a message from someone, or when you think of someone all the time, or waiting for someone to come online, finding reasons to talk with them or love is when you want to be with someone for whole life???
Love is something wonderful, love is in air, love is patient, love is kind. It’s a purest thing which doesn’t have any conditions or boundaries of caste, age or anything else.
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“Love is the power in the center of our soul, that makes us feel needed, wanted & whole. The powerful force within that heals the wounds.”
And here comes the most Awaited Day for all the lovers, around the corner & the day is ‘ Valentine’s Day’.

Love Date Sheet of February

Sometimes I wonder, that is Valentine’s day the only day we can show love for the people close to our heart? Or celebrating it just as the trend because nearly every other couple in the world celebrating it? Well, whatsoever the reason, special occasion of lovers is about to come & how can we forget that the day is not alone it comes in a whole pack of 7 days of celebration called February special days for lovers or Love Week.

Rose Day

Depending upon the feeling people give red or pink roses to express their love for each other.
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Propose Day

The day when you can approach your crush & tell them what you feel for them. It is also equally important if you want to make a marriage proposal.
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Chocolate Day

The day of spreading the happiness by giving Chocolates to your dear or near ones.
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Teddy Day

One of the cutest gift among all is teddy which you can give on this day to your beloved.
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Promise Day

It’s easy to make promises, but harder to keep them. It’s better to make only those promises which you can fulfill easily & which make your relations even more stronger.
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Hug Day

A simple Hug with full of warm & charming feeling can brighten up someone’s day. The happiness which comes to there face is priceless, & is the best form of expressing love & affection.
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Kiss Day

Hundreds of ways are there to express love, but nothing can be compared to a kiss. A sincere kiss on forehead is the sign of care & being responsible, which can’t be described in words.
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Valentine’s Day

Last but not the least, here comes the biggest celebration day. You can celebrate this day as you like, but I think this whole day should be spend with your loved ones to make them feel special.
“Spend your time on those who love you unconditionally.. not with those who love you only when condition is right for them.”
Friends, If you have someone to bring smile on your face, who always check up on you to see if you’re okay, respects you, loves you. Then don’t let them go out of your life, such people are very difficult to find.
To summarize true love, read the following lines.
“Someone ask Buddha the difference between I like you & I love you.
Buddha answered like this. When you like a flower, you just pluck it. But if you love it, you water it daily. The one who understands this, understands everything.