Preparation Tips For Class 12th Board Exams


Importance of School in Student’s Life cannot be underestimated. School teaches us about the world around us and prepares us with the tools which give success in the future. Talking about board exams happening in schools in India, public examination refers to board examinations which are conducted at the end of 10th grade (SSLC) & 12th grade (HSC). Marks achieved in these exams are considered very important for getting into universities, professional courses & Training Programs. So that’s the reason that these exams are very difficult and may create problems for students from starting till the end. These start in February & March every year. A student has to study hard to score the highest marks in the exams and for this they want many tips for learning, repeating & reciting so here tips given below.

For Getting Good Scores, Keep on Challenging Yourself

You are your greatest contender, knowing this, try to do better than the previous attempt. Take the exam as your challenge and make a target to hit it. If in the last exam you secured 50% then this time try to secure 60% in exams. Keep your eye on your target like Arjun keeps his eye on the eye of fish in Mahabharata and defeat the previous percentage. This will help you to analyze the exact areas you need to improve and this will surely boost up your percentage.


Meditation is a must. It increases your concentration towards study as well as your willpower which helps you to study well than previously. Inhale deeply, hold the breath for 1 min and recite God’s Name then exhale it and then enjoy your best result. Before doing the study; repeat this process for 5 minutes, you will surely gain much.

Maintain the Right Attitude Throughout

Maintenance of positivity is compulsory when you are preparing for your board exams. It makes easy to tackle many difficulties that occur during the exam. Positivity is a must to crack board exams and positivity only comes when you meditate God’s name.

The Main Syllabus Book Is Important

There are many reference books available in the market related to all subjects, buying book by thinking it is for me to learn topics given in Syllabus is wrong as instead of making your study easier, it skips many important topics which are given in the main book so it is better to read your books provided by schools instead of wasting time in reference books. Read the chapter from starting till the end. It covers all your important topics and gives you amazing output. This thing I mentioned because in board exams question paper comes from your textbooks.

Concentrate on English Paper

In the 12th standard, every student belongs to different streams like Commerce, Arts & Science and English is common in all streams so make sure that you learn all your English topics like Parrot. Many students ignore English which leads to a drop in overall percentage. So make sure that you learn English chapters by heart.

Work On the Weak Areas

If you belong to the science stream then distribute all three subjects into 7 days of the week like Monday and Tuesday Chemistry, Wednesday and Thursday Physics and on Friday and Saturday Mathematics/ Biology and make sure in exam days Sunday is not Fun day. Revise everything which you learn in six days on Sunday. It helps to increase your marks in exams.

Time Management

Time Management is a must because 12th boards are difficult and you have to face difficulty till the end date. To save yourself from excess problem, manage your time and divide it into proper slots for different chapters. To manage your study time properly, take healthy food because in whole exam you have to be energetic and enthusiastic, take a sleep of at least 8 hrs which makes you fresh, play some games and listen music which makes your brain calm and for this, you have to make your schedule and utilize much time in study.

Solve Sample Papers

Solve Sample Papers in the proper time that will be given in the exam. It helps to know what kind of questions come in the exam and you become ready to face it. When you are solving Sample Papers, feel that you are sitting in an examination hall and remember to manage time according to question and answer the question according to word limit/marks weightage given in the question.

Some Extra Tips

Remember one thing that if your answer sheet isn’t neat and clean then understand that you might get unpleasant marks and if your answer sheet is neat and clean with good handwriting, it impresses your examiner and he/she will surely give you good marks. Use black and blue ball pen in exams and highlight the lines which you consider important one. Many students cut wrong words innumerable times; cut it with a pencil with one line only. On the day of the Exam, maintain cool and stress-free yourself and don’t think about study and exams, recite God’s name and pray to God for better results. Listen to Good music that day which makes your brain calm.In Examination Hall, don’t talk with your friends related to the exam. Once the exam bell rings then gather all your mental strength and convince yourself that you are well prepared. Read each question twice and while writing the answer, make sure you write answers first to those which you know very well followed by remaining answers and do not leave any question blank. Revise your answers after writing. Complete your paper early for revising your Answer Sheet.

So these are the tips I hope will help you to achieve your goal. As your elder sister, it is my advice to all the 12th standard students to believe in yourself and take help from your teachers. The teacher plays a very important role in scoring good marks.

At Last! Stay Healthy! Keep Shining!

All the best for exams!

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