Adopt Vegetarianism And Enjoy Healthy Lifestyle


The vegetarian diet has gained widespread popularity in recent years. Apart from ethical and healthy benefits to cut the non-veg from your diet, it may also help you to reduce the risk of heart-problems and so many chronic diseases. Virtually, all of the medical institutions in the world are agreed that vegetarian diet has proved to be effective in reducing the risk of heart diseases, cancer, diabetes, etc. This result is only achieved by adopting a healthy vegetarian diet consisting of organic and natural foods. There should be no justification to kill creatures of environment for our taste and greed. So, all should completely stop the intake of meat and adopt vegetarian diet.

Why VEGETARIAN diet is necessary?

Vegetarian diet is not only have ethical beliefs, but there is some valid reasons to adopt VEG.

Following are the numerous valid facts to say no to Non-veg and adopt veg diet as you will get:

Healthier lifestyle
Compassion for animals
Environment prevention
Religious and Ethics
Economic factors

Healthier lifestyle

Dieticians find that the vegetarians have a 24% lower mortality from ischemic heart disease as compared to non-vegetarian. It’s said about vegetarian diet that it’s unhealthy and not nutritionally sound. But it’s based upon fallacy. Vegetarian diet offersba number of nutritional benefits including lowering of cholesterol level, less risk of heart diseases, and has higher level of protein, and so on.

Veg food that is plant-based such as fruits, vegetables are generally lower in calories and full of fibers. Vegetarian dieters have 42% low risks of dying with heart problems as veg food promotes healthy heart. Overall, vegetarian food consists all those nutrients that are needed to contribute for a healthy body.

Environment prevention

Global warming is the one of the serious threats ever faced by the human history. UNITED NATIONS, In its 2006 report, said that animal food generates more greenhouse gases than all the transportation in the world combined. The Bestest and simplest way to reduce the human impact on the environment is to adopt vegetarian. The ample amount of water is to be used for chicken and meat. In United States, it consumes 50% of all water. Meat production also emits hazardous gases into atmosphere that is destroying our planet. For the sake of our mother earth, we should stop consuming non-veg.

Compassion for Animals

Each year throughout the world, virtually billions of animals are harshly raised in factories.
Are you guys agree to brutally slaughter the animals for human consumption…?
When all our nutritional needs can easily be satisfied without eating these innocent animals… Then why we need to do such an inhumane deed. The reality is that eating animals is unnecessary. Our nature provides us so many herbs and protein that are sufficient for human’s sustenance. For these reasons, we should not do such cruelty with these little creatures. We all know that they also have feelings like joy, sad, fear, hunger, etc. Their lives are also important. Nobody has right to use their lives as tool.

Religion and Ethics

It’s so horrifying to imagine that someone cut your body parts and eat you. The same thing is with animals.

Imagine what an animal feels when it is being cut up to eat by someone. All religions around the world stress to show mercy and respect towards animals

Economical fact

The vegetarian diet is not only environmental and health friendly, but it’s also beneficial economically as well.

A meat diet is generally considered twice as expensive as a vegetarian one.
According to a survey lead by the Times of India (TOI), the price of veg Thali is less than the non-veg.

At last, we conclude that the veg food is much more healthier as well affordable for everyone. By observing all the aspects, we all should say no to non-veg and adopt vegetarianism to save health as well as nature.

Written by: Sukhdeep Kaur