Google Meet Launched Breakout Rooms Feature in Group Communication


During pandemic of Covid-19, online access to all corners of life has been in trend. Work from home  and  online educational classes are two major areas which were extremely benefited and have utilised digital resources to a great extent. Google Meet, a renowned group communication application has come with one new feature of Breakout Rooms.

Big benefit of Breakout rooms feature for educators and G Suite users

Google Meet breakout rooms features has facilitated the teachers and other G suite users to divide their participants in different rooms to get the attention and good sound quality sessions during classes. This  newly embedded quality of application can allow the teacher to create actual classroom atmosphere which will be free from all interruptions and make the video conferencing effortless.

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Breakout rooms feature will be provided to other platforms soon

As we know that digital resources are in demand nowadays and most of the businesses and educational institutions are using Google Meet video conferencing application. This breakout rooms feature has made it better one in comparison to other existing applications. Now it is available only for G Suite users and tutors and students but soon it will be provided to others platforms too.

100 different rooms can be created during conference call using Breakout rooms feature

Google has enabled the Google Meet users to make 100 breakout rooms in the online conference. The teacher can create and edit these rooms manually. When the call will be initiated, the attendants can be divided into various groups automatically. This ranges upto 100 rooms. This feature has made the Google Meet better option than other video communication applications like zoom which was giving this opportunity only for 50 rooms. But in September, zoom has also advanced this feature and made it flexible for the choice of users in the count of breakout rooms in sessions.

The rumour for update for Google meet

There is hearsay that G Suite users will get an update for this conferencing application this year which may improve its performance to the next level.

Control in the hands of tutor on group conferencing on Google meet

The group conferencing in Google Meet is now becoming more reliable and hassle free because of breakout rooms in the session and the teachers can control these different sections of participants and add or remove newcomers easily during call. The teachers can assign projects to the pupils with ease now.


Writing Credits – Mandeep kaur