A Beautiful Picture From NASA’s Juno Probe Shows The Deep Jet Streams On Jupiter


NASA made lots of scientific researches regularly, pictures captured by Perseverence Rover which landed on mars last week, getting whole attention & people get amazed by seeing these photos.

After this NASA recently shared another picture of Jupiter, which is beautifully displaying the deep jet streams on the planet captured by NASA’s Juno probe.

Originally this picture was captured by the spacecraft on December 30 during its 31st close flyby. As there is plenty of other spacecraft & rovers which are working beyond the boundaries of the earth.

A Beautiful Picture From NASA's Juno Probe Shows The Deep Jet Streams On Jupiter - Daily Bees

Pic Credit: NASA

Juno is a space probe of NASA which is celebrating its fifth anniversary this year of its arrival at Jupiter, officially the probe was launched in 2011 to orbit Jupiter. And later on in 2016, it was entered into a polar orbit around Jupiter, where it has been tasked for scientific investigation. The probe was appointed to observed the changes in Jupiter’s atmosphere. And Juno still sending stunning images of Jupiter.

This new image of Jupiter was colour enhanced by citizen scientist Tanya Oleksuik by JunoCam camera. Jupiter’s turbulent atmosphere shows the giant storm in which Jupiter’s turbulent atmosphere shows the iconic red spot seen on the upper right side. Data from NASA’s prob discovered that these powerful atmospheric jet streams extend far deeper than previously expected. The “Evidence from Juno shows the jet streams and belts penetrate about 1,800 miles (3,000 kilometres) down into the planet,” announcement by NASA.

There are many raw images on NASA’s site, which is available for the public to see & download. NASA specifically featured Tanya Oleksuik’s edit, as this picture is a particularly good representation of the deep jet streams, it shows a great example of inventions depth. This stunning picture is amazing to space lovers.

Writing Credits: Paramjeet kaur